Monday, July 2, 2012

Armageddon and Canada Day

Just last week several people from disparate walks of life talked to me about the alpha and omega.  They were concerned about world catastrophe, market crashes and end of the world scenarios.  They're mainstream moderates.  The crazies are getting to them.
I've never been the same since the Kennedy Missile Crisis.  Having some crazy woman tell us to practice getting under our desks or lining up ass to nose with other grade school students curled in a ball against the hall walls took away my trust in the world.
Yet that was so many decades ago and we've not blown ourselves up.  Fact is we're doing pretty good.  I reassure people mostly. I am a survivalist. I'm prepared in so many ways for Armageddon, wilderness medicine doc, off shore sailor, hunter, fisher, homesteader, scientist, a whole collection of skills that don't help too much in the economic world today but would make me a much sought after somebody post apocalypse.
We just watched the tv series, post Terrorist nuclear bombing of American cities, Jericho. Great show of best case scenario, all the bad stuff, gangs, rape and cannibalism happening with Shakespearean delicassey off stage. It was a terrific show with great characters and really deep community and family relationship writing.  Now we're watching the Outcasts, an English series , post apocalyptic about a new home for the earthlings who escaped the troubles and now are trying to survive on the planet Carpathia.  Great story, great acting.
Good entertainment.
The Jihads were going on in the time of crusades. The Chinese have been a war threat as long but their inherrent capitalism goes against the waste of all out war.  We had the Cold War with Russia and the West and now we have gangsterism around the world and competing arms dealers among the world's leading countries. It's just franchises and business as usual. Nothing terribly noble in sales since 'Death of a Salesman'.  The company doesn't take care of the workers even as well as feudal times which we call the dark ages but were they.  There's aloneliness and fear today that probably wasn't present when everyone knew each other from childhood..
A time of strangers. People don't even want to know what they eat and it's not even Solyent Green yet.
I stood in the rubble of the Armageddon dig in Israel. I think all Christians and Jews should pilgrimage there. Armageddon was a town at one time before it became a symbol.  It lasted a long time as long as any town did in the days of war lords. Now we have cities that are beyond anything that went before.  It's hard to  destroy cities.  Look at London.  Berlin is rebuilt.. Jerusalem and Mecca still stand.  Even Athens is muddling along. I love Mexico City, New York and Tokyo, and Hong Kong
What concerns me is those who say that humans are the parasites on the planet and should be wiped out. These are the eco terrorist suicide bomber ideas.  Kill the humans to save the mosquitos and cockroaches.  That's the nihilism that worries me.
There's a self loathing today and a denigration of human life. it's like the Holocaust reductionism of prisoners as bar codes.  With all the reality tv we're plagued with superstitions about Ghaia some earth goddess who sacrifices herself on the cross till one day she dies.  Forgive me but the earth has withstood far more than a few hydro carbons.  Men and women, children, and the sick will die alot sooner.  I don't think the planet huggers even care for their own and people who don't care for their own can't be trusted to care for each other.
Maltheus said that starvation, war and disease were the great correctors to human advance.  Just when Europe seemed as bad as the west was today Columbus and Marco Polo opened trade globally.  North America was as far fetched an idea then as Mars expedition and sentient dolphins are today.
I believe. I have hope. If Armageddon were just around the corner I think we all would have gone down in the Kennedy Missile Crisis or what the heck, maybe even the Rwanda Massacres.  That's more of what we need to be afraid of.  The Vancouver Riots over a hockey game speak to the mentality of the sports page whereas hundreds of thousands of Canadians were well behaved on Canada day.  That's politics and community.  .
We've got to get beyond playing games and realize Armageddon has come and gone.  That said there's a spirituality to living and spirituality is all about growing love within and celebrating life.

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