Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red Rock Crab Feast

One crab might not be a feast to others but it sure was to me. I'd put my crab trap out with a can of dog food Gilbert  doesn't like the day before. Unfortunate for the crab the dog food brand was appealing to him. It was Snug Cove. About 50 feet down. I remember catching lots of crab here a decade or so back but the last times I put out a crab net I got it back empty.
This fellow, since the male's belly looks thinner like a lighthouse, whereas the female's belly looks like a beehive, measured across the back 180 mm . It  must be 115 mm to be legal
I boiled up my biggest  pot half full of water with  a couple of tsp of salt. Gettting the crab off the net is a challenge since I've known the power of the claws and don't wish to experience that pain again.  This time I was able to shake him out on the deck and pick him up with a couple of serving spoons.  He died on contact with the boiling water. No scream. I think it's the lobster that screams.  This guy just boiled turning brighter red while I heated up butter in a pan adding some lemon.
10 to 15 minutes cooking for large crabs. 8-10 minutes for smaller. I chose 10 minutes for this guy.  I took the crab out and put him on a plate before I settled in with a pair of industrial pliars. I looked but couldn't find my crab picks and crackers.  I couldn't find nut crackers either. After I washed the pliars off they worked just fine.
Gilbert found the whole process very entertaining but wasn't getting any.  The hazards of being a dog. He did get to lick up the butter dish and frying pan I'd used  for the butter.
Meanwhile I was immediately into the big claws, cracking and digging out meat.  I shared the first with Laura who is relatively squeamish about fresh killed things. She loved the taste but said she'd settle for an avocado sandwich while I settled into  cracking crab and digging out meat. It was delicious.  De-licious!  After I was done and the plate was a pile of shell and guts I remembered to say grace.  I thanked the crab for it's sacrifice and felt renewed in the direct experience of life.
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