Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be Thou My Guide

Guide me today, Lord
Show me the places that I shall place my feet
Hold my hands where you would have them go
Let me hear what it is that you would have me say
Let me repeat your words and be your follower
I am weary, Lord.  I am troubled
Lift me up. Carry me on Eagle's wings
Show me what it is you would have me do
Take away my confusion and strengthen my faith
Lead me, Lord.
Be my lodestar.
Be the Light at the end of the tunnel
Call me Lord, loudly that I might hear you and follow
Speak to me Lord that your voice can be my beacon
Help me through this day
That I may serve you better.


Dave said...

Lovely prayer Bill. I hope you don't mind but I just used it for my own devices...

And thanks for the awesome dinner! Really lifted my spirits. I can still taste the feta when I burp! ;)

As promised, here is a link to Sun News Network; They have a decidedly different viewpoint from what we have come to expect from Canadian broadcasting. I'm not sure but I believe they are on channel 177 in the lower-mainland. Tune them in while you still can. Many have been working diligently to shut them down and they just may succeed.

Again, thanks for the great eats!

haykind said...

Thanks, Dave, God to see you again with Tom. Enjoyed the conversation. I'm suspect of most censorship of adults. Always surprised at how the mainstream Canadian news 'omits' to mention the massacres of Christians almost as matter of fact.