Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vancouver Sea Wall

Laura, Gilbert and I walked Vancouver's Seawall yesterday. Other than the repeated attacks by kamikaze cyclists in the pedestrian lane it was a joy to make it all the way around Stanley Park yet again.  It's over 5 miles and took us an hour or closer to two.  We were strolling. Dodging the lawless, stoned, cell phone talking bike gangs  slowed us down too.
I used to walk it regularly 5 years back when my scotty Stuart was alive and I was living at the foot of Denman at Coal Harbour.
It was great to be there. Stanley Park is magnificent. Some of the old forest timber still stands sentinel. The beaches were packed especially around English Bay at Denman.  Barbecues on the laws around Third Beach. Siwash Rock still there though it really does look like it's going to slide into the sea any time.  We saw the great Totems further along.  
I'm forever sailing under the First Narrows so it was a change to walk under the Lions Gate Bridge and look at the boats passing me.  Both Laura and I thought the mermaid was closer to the bridge and were glad to finally see her further along.  A great grey heron was kind to pose for us too..  The Celtic Cross is always a favourite. Then we were at Discovery and the Royal Vancouver Yacht club.  Laura's feet were sore and my back was but we'd made it.  We did go even  slower walking up the slight rise on Denman.
I'm not ready today for the Grouse Grind the other great Vancouver "walk'. I 'll rest  awhile with my laurels   surviving the seawall especially with the now built in  hoodlum  bicycle obstacle course. It was Gilbert's first all the way around seawall walk and I can tell he wants to do it again today.  I was thinking more along the lines of a jacuzzi work out.  The plan though is to lie on the beach at English Bay people watching and enjoying the novelty of sun in Vancouver.  DSCN0505DSCN0506DSCN0521DSCN0520DSCN0513DSCN0511DSCN0512DSCN0519DSCN0516

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