Monday, July 2, 2012

SV GIRI - Bowen Island - Journal Day 5

I think we've done even less today if that's possible. After I got up I prayed and meditated. Had some coffee.  Had some more coffee.  Read some Johnson. Got back into Bangkok Tattoo. I've been reading that all day thinking it's a lot like Carl Hiasson only to see that Carl Hiasson has written on the cover his applause for John Burdett.  Lots of irony and humanity.
Laura made bacon sandwhiches sometime in the morning. We ate the grapes we picked up in the market yesterday. The market bread from the whole food store on Bowen is really scrumptuous. That was the big event yesterday.  Dinghying ashore and going for a walk in the forest near town, getting some pictures of the fish ladder, shopping for butter, milk and bread.  Laura got Gilbert some more milk bones.  I filled my jug of water at the Union Steamship Wharf.  I'd like to come back some time and stay at the dock, hook up to water and electricity.  Right now I'm enjoying anchoring.
We watched some episodes of Outcasts last night.
But today it's been raining all day.  I've been eating fruit and reading.  Laura washed and I showered.  I thought with us clean we could consider bathing Gilbert but he voted against that and Laura stood with him. I figured best to conserve water.
I've just been running the generator to charge the laptop and cell phones. We've been checking emails and facebook.  Dad's been at the hospital ER with a UTI. My brother's been keeping me updated.
Otherwise its been really busy. Lots of disco dancing, rocket launching and fireworks with orgies and brass bands and helicopters. All the stuff of country living. Bowen Island crime rate with heavy duty murder and prostitution and hurricanes and tsunamis and maybe one dead goldfish flushed down the toilet.  It's really appeallingly boring here.
The geese came by to peck on the side of the boat wanting some bread crumbs.  I gave them some.  They'll be back. They make the rounds.
That's about it. We have to think about dinner. I have to get the crab trap in. Maybe take Gilbert to the beach.  Tomorrow we head back.  It's about time. I've forgotten what work is like.  I might start thinking up chores and planning activities.  Maybe do push ups and sit ups.
I shaved.  I remembered to shave.  That's rightIMG 1209. That's somethinIMG 1212g I did today. .IMG 1207IMG 1210IMG 1213IMG 1216

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