Saturday, January 22, 2011


When I was younger and less afraid
When the Berlin wall had fallen
And light shone bright in the world
I believed that good men and women
Could make a difference by telling the truth
And standing up for what they believed

I wanted to help people who were helpless
And see that right was done instead of wrong
I believed in God and goodness
That evil and injustice would be conquered
In our time.

We'd had the War to End all Wars
And the space shuttle begat the Station
St. Theresa, Tennemen Square
String Theory, spirituality

Then there was OJ and Michael Jackson
9-11, and the War on Drugs
Iraq and WMD, Cocaine Cowboys and BC Bud
Vancouver Stock Exchange fiasco,
Wall Street deceit and theft from above
North Korea and Ossama bin Laden
Global warming and Quatanamero,
Nestle Corporation, A dingo et my baby,
Private armies and private police
Always the Middle East
Til finally Wikileaks.

Someone's always making money
When there's a problem someone gains
There always are solutions which seem late
And pre arranged.

Bail outs, brown outs, burn outs
In a fashion that's not a brand
A community not just a market
Where Marshal McLuhan and Warhol stand

A nightmare in the morning
The time before the dawn
When the faith is always weakest
And it's hard to carry on

But the light comes in the morning
Transparency is all there is
When the lies arrive like locust
In the darkness of abyss.

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