Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mount Horeb

Today I was worried because I forgot something. In the labyrinth of my mind there is somewhere I left a message to myself to remember something. I was berating myself this morning for forgetting it.
Then I read the Bible, the passage of Moses before the burning bush. I am that is who I am, God tells him. It is on Horeb, Mountain of God. Later when I look up Horeb it's also called Mount Sinai.
As to location, it appears they have lost it. We have lost it. No one knows for sure where it is. Something about Sun and Moon mountains, a Sword of God, Bush but no real certainty about location.
I have lost a phone call I was to have made. Some day's errand. It will likely come back to me through the day.
It's not like losing the 'Mountain of God". It's not like forgetting where God lived and met with Moses.
When one worries about early dementia it's worth while to consider what the human race has forgotten. God is everywhere and nowhere, everything and nothing. But still if he thought to meet us somewhere, isn't that an important thing to remember. Individual dementia is just a reflection of our collective dementia.
Where is Mount Horeb?

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Anonymous said...

It is in Wisconsin.