Monday, January 3, 2011

Blood,Feathers and Holy Men

I've just learned that Ben Nuttall-Smith's new novel, Blood, Feathers and Holy Men about the Spanish Conquest of the New World is out! I've been so looking forward to this book as I've read several of Ben's other books and so enjoyed his exciting personable writing style. I've one of his Vancouver paintings up at my office as well.

It was a year ago I first heard Ben read from the work in progress. A couple of times when we've talked at the Canadian Author's Associations meetings he's been literally overflowing with the development of the novel downloading ideas and thoughts about characters, politics and religion of the time. He loved researching the native history and reading the original writings of priests of the day.

Last month I was fortunate to hear him read from the final draft at a recent book reading. It was a wonderful story. Ben's a great reader but the book will surely sell itself. Ben's an idea man like William Deverell, learned and meticulous, but from the readings I've heard so far this book has a Clive Cussler/Tom Clancy action flavour to it. It really moves! Ben says it's the best he's written. Now I'm looking forward to a really good read.

Blood, Feathers and Holy Men. The title alone gets one excited. Well done, Ben!

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