Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union

Obama is back. It wasn't the content that mattered. Content was there. Economy, jobs, gays in armed forces, health care reform, troops out in July. There was so much. But not being an American I was just impressed with the tone. It was the same Obama that inspired America and won him the election. This speech was the moderate, more mature but very much American Obama. It caused Democrats and Republicans to stand and applause. I loved it.
I expect the Republicans will now have to come up with better. But that's what we like about America. It's a place that thrives on competition. It's just a football game with different coaches.
Obama was sounding pretty tired when the tea party came to town. Now he's rallied. The tea party is going to have to serve coffee if they're going to be awake for his next moves.
Obama got his man for all seasons mojo back. Hillary looked good. Great state of the union talk.
Time to sit back and watch the defense and offense line up. There's the kick. The ball is in the air. It's a new game.

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