Saturday, November 28, 2015

Canada's Black Friday Shameful Sales

I came downtown on Saturday to witness and record the carnage after the Black Friday Sale. I was expecting ravaged bodies and ambulances. Caught up in the new world journalism craze for catastrophe seeking and viewing I had secretly hoped for body parts in the cold streets of downtown Vancouver.  A severed head outside of the Victoria Secret might have been newsworthy. Crime scene tape around the new Nordstroms.  I’m a conservative Canadian. It wasn’t like I was asking for much.  I thought at least the Liberal Political Correctness Police would ban the racist designation of cheap sales.  Some white male privilege offenders could be handcuffed naked outside a paddy wagon Maybe a severed arm crushed in the revolving door of Hudson Bay.
But this is Canada.  A decade of Conservativism has made us collectively polite and well mannered.  The US Black Friday Sales invariably cause  the aliens that normally limit their shopping to Walmart and Costco to slut walk and zombie dance through the downtown stores of American cities.      Worse in Canada, Black Friday was hardly an event. Hockey season has begun and Canadians only riot if there’s hockey involved.   The merchants of Vancouver had to extende Black Friday to Black Friday Weekend. A whole weekend of political incorrectness and consumer cannabilism.
Before I could get away from the disgusting low brow mass ritual of insensitive disregard of the world’s poor, I was physically sucked right into Moore’s Men’s Clothing.  A young salesman seeing my passing interest in a winter wool coat sized me instantly. It’s not too difficult. I’m beyond those confusing S, M, L designations.  Size F for Fat or B for Big fits me just fine.  And so did the coat he gave me.  $99.  I’m sure the very same one was in Nordstroms for $1000.  “It’s normally $500 here but that’s the Black Friday Sale price.”  Looking both ways to ensure I wasn’t being filmed I slid my, quite possibly promiscuous Visa card surreptitiously across the counter and watched helplessly as it was  raped by the awful Moore’s Men’s Clothing money machine.
The young man then  wrapped my purchase  in a black wrapper like pornography.  I could only hope that others would think it was my laundry. I didn’t want anyone thinking that I’d actually participated in a liberal orgy of personal financial potlach.  It was alright that our new Prime Minister Justin Troudeau’s wife Sophie was adorned with a Birk’s brooch costing $6000.  It was okay that this young swaggering Emperor Napoleon Troudeau had banished the picture of the rightful English monarch from Canadian parliament.  It was okay that as a couple they rejected the millions of dollar Sussex mansion until it had 10 million dollars of improvements.  I, as a Canadian wanted my betters to have a gold toilet seat to sit on while I lived in a trailer with baited breath waiting announcement of  next Liberal Largesse.
I really like my new wool coat. It’s not bespoke.  Shoppaholism is defined as feeling one coat is too many and no number is enough. But surely 2 coats is ’social shoppaholism’. And as I was sure I was able to convince myself that I was really ‘just doing research’ ,I took Laura into North Face where a $600 coat, perfectly made, was on sale for $300.It was really the saving I was spending, from shopping at Moore’s rather than Nordstrums .  My White Christmas for Laura bought by  Black Frida machination. , I know it sounds dubious but Laura was complicit. Indeed as she was with me through the whole ordeal it was her fault.  It was all her fault.  She does look pretty as a angel in her new coat but she’s really a little devil.
Without any body parts to see on Saturday, we headed here to Take Five Cafe for coffee. I suspect if I let  them other stores would take advantage of me . I have a  genetic diathesis to shopping and pressured by my despicable environmenl I might well participate further in this horrid western world debauchery.  I’m properly disgusted with myself.  I’m sure too that our new Emperor and his Wife Sophie feel badly jetsetting about the world to conferences on how to get us peasants to accept the new carbon based breathing and farting taxes. It’s a shame that they don’t know how to Skype and that their climate change conferences are the principal cause of global warming with all the jetsetting and hot air going on.  As Canadians, though,  we must never doubt the wisdom of our government or any further government taxation.
Look at me I just shamefully bought a new winter wool coat.  I bought one for Laura too. I expect our coats would cost more if we bought them at Value Village.  I love being Canadian even if the new Canadian 'privilege' tax comes through.  It's all worth it, somehow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gratitude Nov, 24,2015

Thank God for this day. Thank you God for healing Gilbert. Each day I see him improving a little. Thank you for healing my brother and helping him too. Thank you for helping me in my work. Help me do more. Thank you for my family and friends.  Thank you for the clean water and indoor plumbing and heat. Thank you for this trailer. Thank you for my car.  Thank you for clothing and bed and for computers and phones .Thank you for electricity and light. Thank you for all of my blessings. Thank you for life and this world and the past and future. Most of all thank you for the present. Thank you for books and reading and language and television and films and eyes to see. Thank you for my glasses. Thank you for my feelings. Thank you for my radio. Thank you for the dishes and refrigerator and the stove and barbecue. I loved the barbecue and outdoor cold. I thank you for the store and fresh food and canned food and the Blue Sky ginger ale. Thank you for yoghurt. And thank you for soap and shampoo. Thank you for the little things.Thank you for all I take for granted. Thank you for pens and tables and chairs. Thank you for my colleagues .Thank you for work and banks and skills and training and education and reliability and excellence. Thank you for the heat tonight. Thank you for repairs. Thank you for bed. I’m going there. Thank you for the electric blanket and the CPAP.  Thank you for the dreams.  Thank you Lord for sobriety and saniety. Protect me from the delusional and those who are impaired and know not what they do. Protect me from dangerous people in power.  Protect me from war. Protect me from the corruption that is exposed in Quebec and the deepest evil of Montreal elections and fraud.  Protect me from the hidden corruption that permeates all aspects of Vancouver and BC.  Keep me safe from the sociopaths and psychopaths who lived protected lives here because of their dirty money and threats.  Help me to walk safely in the shadow of death and know that you are with me always.  Thank you Lord.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pemberton Hunting, Roughing It and Staying Alive

Pemberton Valley Lodge is one of Laura and my favourite getaway locations. We’ve come up here other years for hunting as well as in the summer. They have elegant rooms with kitchenettes, rural views, great walk along the river out back, underground parking, and 2 minutes drive to the town of Pemberton. Gilbert loves the dog friendly staff. They also have outdoor swimming pool and hot tub with indoor spa and steam room.
So it’s really roughing it as a hunting camp.  I began coming up to Pemberton to hunt in the late 80’s.  Mostly it was great for grouse hunting. I shot a deer or two as well.  But the real draw was Meager Creek Hotspring. After a morning of climbing mountains I’d find myself in the afternoon languishing in the scenic hot springs, thinking, now this is really ‘hunting’ and ‘roughing it"  It was nudist back then so everyone was friendly and young.
A couple of winter hunts I stayed at Pemberton Hotel whose rooms seemed mostly cubbyholes where drunks would sleep it off after a night in the rowdy bar. That’s changed too. The Pemberton Hotel has had a huge face lift as the whole town has.  Pemberton is now tourist central catering mostly to the cyclists,hikers,  climbers, photographers,  back country skier sand horsey set.
When I came up I would mostly tent by the river.  There’s great fishing around Pemberton. The young guys who run the  outdoor store, Spud Valley Sporting Goods Ltd.,in town also do fishing guiding.  I remember catching a Mountain White Fish that I pan fried by the river having one of those unforgettable outdoor meals.
My last wife and I would come up in the Vanagon.  She was terrific in those days.  I’d come back from slogging about in the woods, climbing the mountains, up before dawn and she’d have bacon and eggs and coffee ready at noon.  Then we’d go off to the hot springs together.  She was a whole lot of fun. My dog Shinto was the great companion back then believing that the Vanagon was his solely and letting us share it.  I had installed a great propane heater that made it doubly cozy.
Back in those days I’d made friends with the Wayne Andrews, the World Champion Indian Rodeo rider who lived in Mount Currie. We’d go riding. He had riding tours back then.  Later we’d ride together with him as a guide for mountain riding. My ex wife came along on what she called our ‘man from snowy river’ riding weekends. She was a good rider and very styllish. I just seemed to learn to stay on a horse when I began riding on my grandfather’s ranch at 6. I can’t say stylle is my long suit but I’d done a lot of 2 legged horse riding and even some broncho bucking but stayed on mostly.  Back then we just followed Wayne galloping down mountainsides and riding across moonlit meadows.  Now riding is what Pemberton is known for.  Everywhere there are stables and beautiful horses dotting the backcountry.
About 10 years ago I found the Pemberton Valley Lodge, long after the Vanagon and beautiful girl had gone. The dog had died and a cold night tenting in sleet and snow made hunting seem incompatible with traumatic arthritis and age.  Pemberton Lodge brought a whole new attraction to the idea of a weekend of roughing it hunting.
Laura and I came up here on motorcycle too.  Even Gilbert and I came here on motorcycle. The famed Duffy Lake motorcycle route starts at the Pemberton and goes up to Lillouett.  Great winding trail made better by the upgrade on the Duffy Lake road a couple of years back.  It travels through some of the most picturesque country in the whole world.
Well, this weekend we arrived up on Friday night early enough to enjoy the meat lover pizza we got from the hometown pizza place a couple of blocks down the road.
Gilbert hurt his back jumping out of the truck a couple of weeks ago. He’s fully mobile after being unable to move his flanks for a day, thanks to the good care of Oak Street Animal Hospital. But, as they would say in hockey, his ‘injury has benched him for the season’.  He’s the main grouse dog, finding and retrieving them after we shoot them.  He’d stay with Laura and suffer her loving care in the Lodge while Tom and I would go out into the cold.
6 am the alarm went off. Whose stupid idea was it to go hunting?  7 am we had our gear loaded  and were driving down the road with Egg McMuffins and Hash browns and coffee from the Macdonalds in the gas station near the lodge. That made the whole cold unpleasant experience tolerable.  Nothing beats Egg McMuffin on a cold morning.  We could see our breath. We’d had to scrape frost off the windows. I had long johns, quilted overalls, parka and outer layer of camouflage gear, with felt beret, scarf and thick work gloves on. There was snow deep on the ground and the road was icy. This hunting trip was a stupid idea.  The MacDonald’s Coffee marginally improved things.
Gilbert had got me up at 3 in the morning to take him out for a pee and poop.  That happens to him in hotels sometimes.  I stumbled around looking for shoes and clothes and leash and had waited out back of the hotel till he found the perfect spot to gift with his offerings.  I’d had trouble getting back to sleep.  Thank God for coffee. It was a while still before I got my head around the idea that hunting was a good way to spend a weekend. It was good that Tom was driving.
Without chains for the truck, I’d made the executive decision that Tom and I would park the truck and unload the ATV to drive with up the mountain logging roads. We’d stopped at one where a couple of young guys were setting up their snowmobiles. A lot of folk out enjoying the trails this day.
Further on we found an isolated place I had known about from previous trips ,unloaded and began riding up the mountain.  Pristine setting.  Beautiful mountain views. Pine trees.  Spruce.  Not a deer or bear in sight.  As Tom driving with me as passenger on back we got to the steep part and I got off.  I didn’t like the idea of being flipped over backwards having already done that myself on an ATV and found it wasn’t fun.  I suggested he drive on and I’d walk.  I waved him on.
I don’t know how I survived growing up in Winnipeg.  I began to have PTSD flashbacks stumbling and sliding around in that snow.  I should have brought snow shoes. The snow came up above the ankle and was half way to the knee in places. I trudged.  I had the 300 win Mag Winchester Model 7 over my shoulder, my Bushnell Binoculars and just trudged.  The trail just kept going up. There were a lot of big deer tracks but I didn’t see a single moving thing. I had my hat and scarf off and all my clothes open and despite trying to move slowly was sweating something fierce.  A couple of hours into this I collapsed on a rock.  We had our nifty matching yellow motorola waterproof radios but I couldn’t reach Tom.  Where’s a taxi when I needed one.  No wonder people stay in New York.  I called but the line of sight communications on these radios is affected by mountains and trees.  So I waited hoping for a deer to come along.  It didn’t and I hiked higher in the mountain my legs long dead and useless by this time Tom came chugging down the mountain again raving about the glory of the mountains and the wonder of creation. I could hardly get my leg up over the machine.  All he’d seen is day old bear poop.
Back at the truck we loaded up the gear.  We drove back down to the Macdonalds loaded up on burgers for lunch and joined Laura and an ecstatic Gilbert.  After lunch I collapsed on the bed.
Tom woke me a couple of hours later with the stupid idea of going out for the evening hunt. Apparently I’d suggested it.  So we geared up again. We drove out through Pemberton up the valley where I saw so much development.  Where there had been one dude ranch there were several. More wilderness lodges too. The great potato farm was still there. Pemberton produces the best potatoes in the world.
It was already growing dark when we got to the split on the Goldbridge road and I stupidly suggested we head up hill to Goldbridge rather than continuing along the river to Meagher Creek.
With the sun going down the road had iced and damn but the truck just stopped short, wheels spinning before the first level and turn.  Tom’s a great driver so despite my natural tendency to blame I had to confess that I’d have encountered the same problem if I was in the driver seat.  But I have a monster winch on the front of the truck so after chalking the tires with big stones to prevent the truck rolling back I began  smugly playing out the winch cable.
Oh no! No. No. No. The winch cable broke off at the connection onto the winch.  No more winch. Shit. A minor problem had now become a major problem. We were stuck in the middle of the road and on one side was a steep cliff drop off going down hundreds and hundreds of feet while on the other side was a mountain.  When Tom was trying to tie the cable onto the winch cylinder horror of horrors.
Despite being in park and braked  the truck began to slide back down over the heavy stones I’d chalked it with. Tom screamed holding the cable in front of the truck trying to anchor it but instead began snow skiing down the mountain in front of the rapidly accelerating truck. I’d been out pulling the winch to it’s full length when Tom called out.
I am not an athelete any more. I’m older and fat and given to the sedentary life of a desk jockey. Besides I’d used up whatever strength and leg muscles I had that morning.  My body had not recovered.
Despite all this, seeing my Ford F350 Harley Davidson Truck carrying  my Yamaha Kodiac ATV in its cargo bed accelerating downhill with Tom holding onto the cable and skiing before it in a futile attempt to slow it, I was a galvanized as they say in fiction.  Without a rational thought I ran like the wind and jumped into the open door of the truck and slammed my foot on the brake. This indeed caused the truck to slow with the back wheels just short of the edge of the great ravine.
I sat shaking as I realized I’d almost lost the truck and ATV but also put myself in a position where I could now go over the cliff along with it.  This seemed rather stupid. I wondered if the air bags would help.   Tom was truly surprised that I was alive and we’d stopped the runaway truck.
At that time a couple of young guys in a jeep came along.  We tied a rope to their jeep and to my truck and tried towing.  The rope broke immediately but the effort had helped straighten the truck out so it wasn’t pointing directly over the cliff. They headed on leaving us to our devices.
I told Tom that it was clear that we couldn’t go forward so I planned to back down the mountain.  The difficulty with this is that it’s hard to tell exactly where the wheels are turned. Normally I’d climb out of the truck and line matters up and then get a go at it.  I wasn’t leaving the brake under any conditions though so Tom thankfully was there to guide me backwards and we actually got the truck over to the mountain side. Only trouble then was we got a bit in the ditch and I was horrified at the thought of the truck rolling over on Tom .  He came to his senses at that point realizing that was a possibility and took up guidance duties from the other side. He was amazingly right that we could ride along on a slant in the ditch and soon enough we got to a flat area where with his direction I backed the truck up to the feared cliff side and had enough room to turn us around.
I drove back to Pemberton.  Tom was disappointed that we hadn’t seen any game but I told him that ‘come to think of it over the years a whole lot of hunting had been about arriving back alive”.  I was reminded of the times I’d been up on logging roads when the whole roads had given out,  the countless mechanical failures of equipment or the blizzards and such that had added to the hunting adventures.  I’d even lost my truck one night and after spending a night out in the cold been happy to find the truck in the day light.
We stopped at the great little downtown Pemberton food store and delli. I shot us all some barbecued chicken and whipped up some great delli vegetables and baked us some fresh bread and made a container of Hagen Daz ice cream.  It was a feast we had later with Gilbert very impressed with what great hunters we were.  Laura loved the caesar salad I’d found with folliaging especially as it came with it’s own salad dressing.
Now it’s morning. I decided I’d had enough hunting and without the tire chains and the winch now broken and still shaken by last nights adventure , decided against the ‘morning hunt’.  We’re going to drive back to Vancouver this afternoon and thankfully alive with equipment relatively in tact we’ll consider it a very successful hunt.  It was also good roughing it at the  emberton Lodge.  Gilbert let me sleep in but woke Laura to take him out to pee first thing in the morning then jumped in bed with Tom to lick wash his face for him.

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Gratitude Nov. 19, 2015

Thank you Lord for Light. Thank you for this World. Thank you for the entertainment, the diversity and myriad detail. Thank you for the mystery. Thank you for the illusions and truth. Thank you for discovery. Thank you for the hunt. Thank you for learning. Thank you for science. Thank you for religion. Thank you for spirituality. Thank you for God. Thank you for man. Thank you for woman. Thank you for animals. Thank you for the senses, the colours, the tastes, the scents, touch. Thank you for all your blessings. Thank you for healing. Thank you for wellness. Thank for sex and joy and being. Thank you for prayer and meditation. Thank for for the dance. Thank you for particles and lines and cubes and millennia. Thank you for love. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you saints of all religions. Thank you for all the roads that lead to the light and love of infinite cosmic Christ. Thank you for St. Peter and St. Paul and St. John and Saint Luke and Saint Mark. Thank you for reading. Thank you for stories. Thank you for wisdom. Thank you for nature. Thank you for the seasons. Thank you for the rain and wind and night. Thank you for sleep. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Language Terrorists, Jihadists and Christanophobes.

Win the “war of words” and you win the war!
Christians have been collectively criticized because of the one church, Westboro Baptists.  Jews are condemned because of extremist Zionists.   Catholics have been collectively criticized because of the Pope’s statements.
But criticize ISIS and you are called “ISLAMAPHOBE”.
CHRISTOPHOBIA is almost universal today.  All over the world Christians are persecuted.  Christians are the most persecuted people in the world.  The Left dominated media ignores deaths of Christians.
Yet when Christians object to ISIS killing Christians, what do we hear.  “ISIS is killing Muslims too”.  Two wrongs don’t make it right.  Yet the real issue is that CHRISTIANS DESERVE TO BE KILLED. That's the message between the lines.  CHRISTIANS Don't COUNT.
The Radical Left are the Mainstream now.  They “Control’ the language.  If you are moderate, they call you “Radical Right”.  The Language Terrorists have attacked the language.
Only the LEFT can speak for the Oppressed.  Yet the LEFT is the greatest oppressor of all time. Communist Atheists killed 60 million in Russia.  Chinese Communist Atheists killed 100 million.
ISIS actually says they represent the MOSLEM JIHAD but when a Christian says , “Christian Crusaders will stop your invasion just like they stopped your invasion of Spain,  France and Venice and Jerusalem, Christians are called Islamaphobes.  The Hindus and Siks had to put a stop to the Moslems because the Moslem Jihad there killed hundreds of thousands.  No one dares call a Sik an Islamophobe. Siks are always armed.  The LEFT wants CHRISTIANS disarmed.
If you called yourself a Christian Crusader, and looked with pride on your Christian forefathers protecting Europe from the Oppressive Moslem invaders, the Radical LEFT (Mainstream media) would call you are ‘worse than a jihadist’. The LEFT has rewritten history.
Israel defends itself from recurrent attack by Moslem nations and now Israelis are the OPPRESSOR.
It was the Moslems that were expanding in the day of the Crusades.   The Caliphate, titular head of the Moslem people, is given to the leader who ‘expands" the physical geographical territory of Moslem religion.  The Rampaging Pillaging Monstrous Army that swept through countries like India who the were the MOSLEMS the CRUSADERS Fought was a forced army of conscripts and slaves. The CRUSADES were a VOLUNTEER army. You would never know such things if you didn't read history which is repeating.
ISIS claim to be the new Caliphate because there is a prophecy that the greatest Jihad will begin in Raqqa.  Crusaders were the ‘defenders’.  The last Caliphate was Turkish.
The Turkish empire was one of the largest land mass empires of all time.
Constantine is no longer called Constantine after the Christian leader who made the Roman Empire Christian.  Constantine the Christian created the Christian seat of the Orthodox Church which was invaded by the Jihadist Moslems and became Istanbul after 800 years being Christian.  It’s still Istanbul. That's because of MOSLEM Conquest.
Communists are “oppressed", they say.   Moslems and especially Palestinians are  “oppressed” but Christians and especially Americans and Jews especially Israelis are, according to the LANGUAGE TERRORISTS, the ‘oppressors’.
It doesn’t matter that America is a secular state as is Turkey, now.    ISIS calls the ‘response’ to their ‘attacks’ ‘Crusades”.  And western Leftist media uses the language of the enemy.
Post Vietnam the review of the Vietnam War showed by the report of the North Vietnamese generals and Viet Cong that America had militarily won the war because the North was virtually about to collapse. However the Americans pulled out because the Leftist Media and the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda lost the war by fraudulently convincing America was losing the war.
WWII would have been similarly lost if the “War of Words” wasn’t recognized.  “Loose Lips Sink Ships” .
Freedom of information is what we have to offer the world.  MOSLEM dominated countries collectively deny Freedom of Speech.  In large swaths of Moslem territory Christians are as restricted as they are in Communist Atheist countries where freedom of speech is simply not allowed.  The MOSLEM ISIS are teaching their children JIHAD.  Yet in the west I can go into any library and read a Koran and even read the writings of ISIS.
There are two worlds here.  The world of “freedom of speech’ where the ‘language police of the LEFT” are raging a war or the very words of freedom and the world of “oppression of free speech” .
A frightening statistic that has arisen is that 90% of academics are LEFT leaning.  It turns out a very high proportion of IMANS are radical.
Watch the "War on Words”.  Learn to identify CHRISTANOPHOBES, Language Terorists, and Communists and the RADICAL LEFT by their highly selective use of words.
The politically correct sound so nice but the first thing to go in war is ’truth’ and the LEFT doesn’t believe in ’TRUTH”.  So it never cares if Truth is a casuality.
Now the interesting coalition in Europe is the Radical Left allying with the Moslem Jihadists and ironically this is being joined by the Fascists.  They look so different on first glance but the Radical LEFT wants war. MARX said all war is good.  WAR is necessary to the Left.  They believe that if there is enough war then they will accept Dictatorship. This is what Lenin succeeded in doing. The LEFT Always promotes war directly or indierectly because War is the Means to the Marxist/Lenin end.  The Moslems in major areas of Europe claim be ‘oppressed’.  They come from countries where there was no freedom of speech. They are commonly without competitive skills and many ghettorize so they don’t assimilate and learn the language and skills useful outside their religiofanatic countries of origin.   Now the FASCIST ironically are growing because the RADICAL LEFT won’t listen to the majority of people but rather push their ideologies causing the centre to shift to the right.
Here in Canada petitions of hundreds of thousands ask Trudeau the new Prime Minister to go slow with the refugee relocation but so far as a radical leftist Christanophobe, Trudeau like his autocratic dictatorial father, doesn’t listen to advise, but pushes his own agenda uncaring of the voice of Canada.    The terrorist attacks in Paris have woken up Canadians who so quickly forget 9/11 and that jihadists attacked their soldiers and parliament.  The RADICAL LEFT doesn't even want the word "terrorist' to be used in Canada.   With such extremism in power the moderate middle is pushed to the right.
That’s what’s happening around the world with the rise of the defensive right wing shift.
Radical Right Germany, Hitler and the Nazis, actually made a PACT with the the Radical Left, Stalin and the Communists.  The Left and Right hate the Middle. You are either for us or agin us the extremists of Right and Left say with Governments, Media and Courts and Prisons to back them up.
Historically the Old Testament (Torah) and the Koran are ‘TRIBAL” texts which are filled with war and killing and chiefs and glory.
The New Testament or GOSPEL is the CHRISTIAN “BOOK”.  GOSPEL means "GOOD NEWS". The only story it tells is of the killing of Jesus and the killing of Christians and the peaceful living of Christians who share the story of LOVE and Salvation.  Rather than come as a Rich Man like Abraham, the prophet of Israel or the Warrior Mohammed, Jesus comes as a baby.  The Christian story is the story of true ‘oppressed’.  WE are the persecuted.

Yet the CHRISTIAN Crusaders stopped the MOSLEM JIHAD.  Perhaps we could as moderates win the war on wards by the language terrorists and restore the light.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Refugee Warrior Army - The Free Syrian Force.

No one has suggested the obvious solution to the present problem of ISIS invasion.  ISIS is equivalent to the Hell’s Angels.  To put it in perspective the Hell’s Angels ride into your home town,  kill, main and pillage and people flee.  The reason the Hell’s Angels are able to do this is simply better training, superior weaponry and bad attitude.
There are two parts to the Syrian crisis.  The Syrian government leader, supported by Russia and clearly a tyrant caused a civil war.   This happened over and over again when other Satellites of Russian rebelled against Communist Atheist Dictatorships.  Eventually the people rose up and won. Communism died as a state and Russia went back to being a Christian nation.  The  civil war in Syria failed.  Moslems fought moslems.  Canada can't fight Russia and American and China aren't going to either. So the Syrian tyrant survives another day. The same occurred in Hungary.  The civil war is going on in only one part of Syria.
The other part of the equation is ISIS. Isis is in Syria, old Iraq and all over the place. ISIS is both and idea like atheist Communism but it's also a state.  Islamic State.  The idea is pure Moslem jihad.  It's the same idea the Christians fought against in Spain and Venice.  Jihad.  Saudi is probably backing ISIS now but they're not 'allies'.  They may be investors.  America probably backed ISIS in the beginning but not anymore.  ISIS has no 'allies', only "investors' right now.  
We now have a million and a half refugees and migrants.  Refugees are escaping and would like to go home.  Migrants are just looking for a better place to live. Canada says they’re going to accept 25,000 tomorrow.  We're not sure if they're going to be Refugees or Migrants.  I'd rather have Mexican Migrants.  But we can accept Syrian 'refugees'.  Instead of 3 years of screening we would normally use before taking refugee/migrants we're going to accept them this week because Justin Trudeau made a political 'promise'.  So we turn the Department of Immigration into a Fast Food joint. Give them a place to live.
Britain accepted refugees in the early part of WWII.  The difference there is that Britain armed their refugees.  They were called the Free French and Free Poles.   They prepared for D Day.
Watch Justin Trudeau ’s behaviour (don’t trust his smooth upper class privileged boy words).  He  give the Hell’s Angel’s California.  He says , let ISIS win. In WWII, the leader who said that was Chamberlain.  Winston Churchill was the other guy.  It was an Islamist Jihad convert who attacked Parliament. ISIS, like the Communist atheists before them, used propaganda to convert Canadians.  No one doubted that Communist Russia got it's nuclear weapon capacity because of traitors in Canada and the US.  The same traitors today leave to go join ISIS and plot to blow up Canada.
So we’ll let those who don’t want to live in California under a tyranny of killing, whoring, drug addicted criminals come and live in our country. Hell's Angels wins.   Naturally the Hell’s Angels will keep expanding.
 Canada the Coward forsakes NATO.  Coward Canada runs. When I travelled Europe Canada’s name and honour and respect was ‘won’ by the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadians were admired because they helped Europeans defeat Hitler. The idea that Canada is admired for leftist ideology. Canada is admired for it's success. It was admired in Europe for fighting Hitler. It won't be admired for cowardice.
A very large proportion, some say most of the refugee/migrants are young men, fit soldier aged men.  What if we take all the ‘young men’  and  simply offer to accept train, equip and lead them back to fight ISIS.  
Syria, backed by Russia isn’t going to give up.
If Californians ran to Canada to escape the Hell's Angels we'd support them by training, equipping and even leading them on a counter assault.  We'd help take back California from the Hell's Angels.
That's what Britain did.  Armed and equipped the Free French and coordinated the Free Poles and Free Dutch and lead the retaking of Europe. If you've watched American TV you'll be as confused about WWII as Canadians are today confused about ISIS.
That’s what we did with the Belgiums and French after the NAZI’s invaded their country.   ISIS is the new NAZI religious dictatorship.
The absurdity of Justin Trudeau’s solution, running and hiding under the bed, is classic Chamberlain, pro Hitler logic.  Instead we accept that the Hell’s Angels doesn’t have a right to California.  We Churchill the situation.  Follow the winners.   We train, equip and lead those refugees who want their homes back and they take middle eastern land back from ISIS.
Justin Trudeau is Chamberlain.
ISIS has threatened Canada  and Justin runs home.  The Hells Angels wins.  ISIS wins. California goes to the Hells Angels.  The Middle East goest to ISIS.  Paris this week. Ottawa next week.
It took Germany a few years to win Europe.  Time moves faster now.  The French learned their lesson when they ran away.  Now they stand and fight.  E
Justin Trudeau nees to stand up.  Right now he and Canada are seen as cowards by their NATO allies.  Take this opportunity. Kill two birds with one stone. Accept Refugge warriors and build a Free Syrian Army whose first objective will be to take back the land taken by ISIS. Refugees can return home.  Syria is divided.  The civil war is postponed.
Our military bases are for military training.  They shouldn’t be turned into homeless shelters.  Help the refugees get their land back the same way Churchill helped De Galle.  Build a Refugee Army to return and take back what ISIS has claimed.  That way Canada chooses when Canadians die rather than letting ISIS pick us off one by one, the terrorist way.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sexuality and Masturbatory Frequency

It’s politically incorrect to touch patients. As touching patients may be misunderstood, especially by the psychotic, and as having touched a patient appropriately might still lead to a psychopath having the basis of a complaint, physicians are collectively, cconsciouslly or unconsciously touching patients less.
I know this because I ask my patients if their physicians have done various examinations when the patient has presented with various complaints. Invariably the answer is no. The physicians send them for costly less accurate blood work and xrays and ultrasound but forego a simple palpation.
Further it takes time for patients to disrobe so that busy physicians in the business of ‘fee for service' "walk in clinic" medicine cut corners by taking the least time possible for each patient all the while smiling and being ‘caring’ in a politically correct way. Make the ‘customer’ comfortable.Avoid complaints at all costs.  Do the least for the most financial return. Good business model government and corporate model health care.
Women especially complain that physicians no longer are willing to do pelvic examinations or pap tests and many tell me it’s been years since they had examinations appropriate for their age and complaints.
Now the same is increasingly true in psychiatry with respect to sexual history.
At first I just thought my colleagues, male and female, were not recording these histories for confidentiality reasons, to protect the patients. Yet, when I asked the patients about other psychiatrists histories I was shocked that no one had ever asked them.
Consequently patients told me, and told me sadly and tragically for the first time.
1) The medications the psychiatrists gave me ruined my sex life. I lost all sex drive and my relationships broke up. Did you tell your doctor, I’d ask. No they would say. Did your doctor ask? Never.  He/she never talks to me about sex. I think he/she is afraid to talk about that.
2) I’ve never had sex. I’ve been depressed for years and seen several psychologists and psychiatrists and no one has asked me about that.
3) I masturbate all the time, many many times a day. No one ever asked me about that.
4) I’ve never masturbated.
5) I can only have an orgasm when I fantasize about sex with children.
6) I have rape fantasies when I masturbate.
7) I fantasize about orgies when I masturbate.
8) l feel really badly after I masturbate.
9) I have sex with animals.
And the list goes on and on. In the standard psychiatric ‘history’ there is a simple heading. It’s called “sexual history”. Everyone is supposed to have this taken. I actually did these cursory questions in general practice. “How are things sexually?” “Is your sex life okay”. “Are you having any problems sexually?”
Increasingly my depressed female patients are disclosing that their doctors just give them pills for their depression but never talk to them and don’t ask any questions. Then they go on and tell me through sobs and tears about their abortions.
Others tell me about their years as escorts. Others tell me about their sexual abuse. Men seem equally upset but it's usually about their partners refusal to have sex or their sexual abuse.  Real men aren't sexual abused just normal men.
In my introductory survey questions I ask if they have ever been sexually abused as a child and then what age was their first sexual intercourse. With men and women , so many patients with drug and alcohol histories were sexually abused. So were the patients with depression especially bipolar and almost all the patients with borderline personality disorders and some of the antisocial personality disorders.
What has always been fascinating is that men over and over deny sexual abuse but then go on to tell me of an older male or female usually late teens or 20’s or older having sex with them when they were just pubescent or prebescent. Boys are sexually abused with a rather high frequency by women and men but they are not asked, and they are commonly ashamd to tell, don’t know they were sexually abused and often are further shamed by the caregivers if the matter is ever discovered.

When I began asking about sexual frequency in the 70’s it was common for the number of sexual partners to be 1-3 with 10 or more unusual among my patients. Now among young people, it’s not uncommon for women patients to have 50 or more sexual partners and further to break down crying as they attest to unprotected sex when I ask them about any ‘risk taking behaviour’.
All the while the sexual perversion of the Sexual McCarthyism of the medieval administration was occurring, the internet was exploding with misinformation about sex, pornography was spreading like wild fire, and countless societies had sprung up including the various dungeon groups, swingers clubs, S&M parties, and various on line dating services for whatever preferences one might entertain.
Meanwhile I have muddled on pedantically asking questions always in terror that the authorities would again swoop down upon me and threaten my license and livelihood for taking a sexual history. So many people, especially radical feminists and their male equivalents radical religionists , get ‘offended’ by questions about sexuality not because of the questions but simply because ’the lady protestest too much.’ After hearing that a person is offended by being asked even a cursory sexual history, I’m not stupid, I avoid the subject like the plague, only to have learned countless times as I continue to see the person, that the woman works as an escort or has some major ’sexual secret’ and that the very religious man has indeed had homosexual affiliations that bother him considerably.
The reason it behooves me to ask these questions is that I’m a consultant and commonly my patients have seen several physicians, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists before they see me. The principal complaint in my office is that the ‘medications are no longer working’.
It normally follows that the ‘depression’ that some rich and shallow knee jerk prescription pad physician or psychiatrist has treated them for years or the stupid hand holding gushing counsellor has sympathized with, is directly a consequence of an undiscussed never touched on underlying issue, like grief, post traumatic stress disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual perversion or compulsion etc. CBT is a marvellous therapy that also works well if one wants to avoid discussing the elephant in the living room. Pills, further, are like band aids in these cases and eventually the ‘pus will out’ as we learned in my days as a general practitioner.

Specifically I ask about masturbation. Not everyone. It arises when an otherwise smart, attractive,educated, intelligent male or female remains single and is unable to find a mate. It also arrises in questions for people in recovery because sexual cross addiction is so prevalent especially in those who have had cocaine addictions.  Having subspecialized in trauma and addiction I am also seeing a lot of people who are in recovery from one addiction and I ask specifically about sexuality because sex addiction is a common problem and sexual trauma is also a common problem for those who have had any addiction. It almost goes without saying that if a woman has been a black out drunk or commonly 'legless' or 'blotto' that she has been sexually abused while in this state, especially the young and pretty.  It's also true for young and especially attractive men who suffer addiction.  The young and attractive are particularly vulnerable in this area but anyone can be a victim.
Asking about masturbation may or may not occur in a whole discussion that follows as one addresses issues of sexuality. Many rape patients have disclosed that they can only orgasm in masturbation replaying sexual abuse or rape fantasies. This has to be worked through in therapy and a positive outcome is a later history of orgasm within a less traumatic context.  It also comes up when patients are describing sexual difficulties and relationship conflicts they have with their partners. One wants something the other doesn't and sometimes they don't even know what each is asking because of the ignorance surrounding language and difficulties that still exist in the area of sexuality despite our putting men and women in space stations and sending rockets to Mars. Society will always be limited by the slowest, and too often these people aggregate from fear in positions of control in administrations , courts and high office.  Cross culturally many men and women aren't even 'allowed' to discuss sex and in their countries discussion of sexual matters has resulted in them being imprisoned and sometimes tortured.
When I trained psychanalytically in Freudian and Jungian psychotherapy I was trained to focus on ‘sexual fantasies’ and ‘sexual dreams’. Fantasies and dreams were considered a royal road to the unconscious. Patients conflicts were conceptualized as unresolved conflicts and the richness of material which flowed from the interviews was rife. So many of my patients sexual abuse followed from exploring themes that arose in these discourses. So many patients who had suffered anorgasmia, social phobia, and sexual promiscuity responded to the insight therapy. Others addressed faced their homosexual fears and even others had marriages that were restored.
In marriage therapy discussion of sexual issues was central as the three principal areas around which marriages conflicts arise are sex, money and family. At one time I my success with marriage therapy was as high as Goffman’s research statistics but my own marriage broke down so I left my work with marriage and turned to the area of trauma.
Patrick Carne’s book Out of the Shadows is one of the classics of sexual psychiatry, right up there with Judith’s Herman’s Trauma and Recovery. It was Patrick Carne’s that first clued me into an interesting aspect of masturbation that I’d never thought to question. This is specifically how one felt ‘after masturbation’. I had naturally thought that people felt good. What Carnes noted was that some people felt ‘badly’ not physiologically but psychologically, either within hours after or the next day. Indeed I learned that many of my patients had guilt and shame attached to masturbation only by asking ‘how one felt’.
This was an important area for both men and women.
As to the frequency, there isn’t any very good literature on how much one should or shouldn’t masturbate. Clearly when men tell me they ‘masturbate more now that they’re married’ than before when they were single there is a serious concern. At University of British Columbia, there’s a specific Sexual Medicine department and I’ve referred couples there because of this disclosure. Marriages that would have otherwise failed have been revived because the specific sexual disorders have been addressed as a couple by the specialists who thankfully have also been experienced and empathic.
In the asylum I’ve had to bandage men’s hands to stop them from harming themselves from compulsive masturbation. I’ve also had to use anti testosterone drugs in these contexts so there really is an upper limit.  Despite libertarian fantasies, there really can be too much of a good thing.  ‘too much masturbation’ is not good. Seeing a penis that is raw and bleeding will hopefully even change the mind of the most aggressive sexual libertarians.
That said I don’t know if ‘no masturbation’ is good. Religous there has been all manner of rot around the subject, specifically the perverted misinterpretation of the ‘Sin of Onan’ in which the real sin was the “sin of levy” , ‘failure to have sex with the dead brother’s wife to keep all the land to oneself.”
With the proliferation of pornography and the ability to call up sexual parners like pizza through apps like Grinder, I’ve increasingly encountered people whose ‘depression’ appears directly linked to the sexual compulsion. It’s not different from the depresions that I saw which were not responding to a pharmacy of medication because no one asked the patient about their drinking 26 of whiskey daily or the daily 2 bottle of wine habit (alcohol a depressant counteracting any antidepressants). The same seems to hold for masturbatory and sexual compusion.
Female patients have admitted to masturbating many times a day but to date I’ve not been able to note the same apparently ‘physiologically based’ depressive 'quality that men have presented who are doing this. I suspect I’ve been biased by the belief that men are ‘loosing’ some sort of ‘essence’ because their bodies have to produce this fluidd whereas women don’t produce an equivalent compound but have spoken to 'feeling badly' or 'being depressed' about masturbation.  Often one has to address religious taboos and more and more the issue of 'body shame' is becoming apparent with both women and men.
I’m interested in the question of ‘frequency “ of masturabation for men and women. If we say ‘masturbation’ is not ‘unhealthy’, then what ‘frequency is ‘unhealthy’ or even 'normal’. Because of political correctness sexual research is more often confined to the dark anecdotal realm of the internet than academia. Asking the question at what point is a bodily function a contributing factor to depression or not is of interest especially as recent research confirms that psychopharmacological treatment of depression has been shown as less successful than psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. We all knew this but the prescription pad pushers with the support of the authorities made a fortune avoiding talking to patients.The authorities meanwhile have all but outlawed talking with patients about anything relevant to psychiatry.
Life style turns out to underline much of medical illness and now if we take complete rather than 'politically correct'  histories we can learn once again that life style underlies much of psychiatric illness.
(  I just watched Vacation with Chevy Chase, and the new Griswold family and almost died laughing over the sketch and confusion and hilarity around the term 'rim job' so in a way that contributed my sharing here because there's such a gross disconnect between the world of patients, especially the young and the world of administration, regulation, clinical medicine and psychiatry.  Rim job appears as a comedy sketch on one of the best family rated shows but a doctor could lose his license if he asked about this today despite increasing awareness of the untold morality and mortality that are a direct and indirect consequene of political correctness and the thankfully declining reign of  era of terror some term Sexual McCarthyism. Perhaps now we can learn medically more about masturbation considering that it does go hand in hand with pornography, which today is more often called more fashionably 'erotica'. )