Friday, July 20, 2018

Thank you Friday

Thank you Friday for your arbitrary division between the demands of the week and the rewards of the weekend. Thank you for the sunshine and summer. Thank you for the activities. Thank you for the friends and family. Thank you for the pets. Thank you for the home and carpets and paintings. Thank you for the fellowship. Thank you for calendars and clocks. Thank you for order. Thank you for this day. Thank you.  :Lord God of Creation. Lord of dreams. Dreamer of dreams. Creation.  Sentience and ground .Being of being.  Profundity.  That which true is.  First mover.  The idea of you is love.  Love is all. Thank you God.  Love and relationship and the glue that keeps up from flying apart. Gravity and matrix and energy and the touch of a child. The smile of an animal. The glance of recognition. The peek and boo of spirituality. Remind me ever and ever again that we are here and I am you and you are me and who knows what about walrus and things .  It’s another day. Make it all it can be. Thy will be done. Not my will.  May I serve you and heal and inspire and encourage and be positive. May I be a light and give to others all that has been given to me.  Thank you for the love I’ve known. Thank you for the intelligence I’ve been shown. Thank you for the learning.  Thank you for the coffee and the shower I’m about to take. And Irish spring soap.  Thank you. 

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Anonymous said...

thank you too God
in all you do