Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hope BC , Telte Yet Campsite and the Maverick Truck Camper

I’m not going to make it to hear Andrew Scheer at Mt Lehman.  I’d wanted too but it’s not that often I get to lie in the sun by a river with a beautiful woman and a dog.
After waking and having a couple of cups of Kona coffee, and prayer and meditation, I actually got on my electric bike and road into town. It’s 32 degrees. I’ve been drinking Perrier and ginger ale and still feeling dehydrated. Walking Gilbert whose wearing a fur coat.  
In town  I picked up a book for Laura at the bookstore and some mosquito netting to fix a tear on the RV screen.  I even got the stove top toast maker.  Not wanting to cook I brought back burgers for us all from DQ.  Real tough life out here in the wilderness having to bike into town for supplies. Right now I’ve got the air conditioning on having come inside as I lobstered on the lawn chair.  Reading a novel. Gilbert spoke with the little dog next door. It’s fairly laid back.  Got my email from Adell and she’s off to London to meet up with Alan for a few days.
I’m loving the Canadian outdoors. The evergreens are beautiful.  The fast flowing broad Frazer river is a wonder. Ravens land above in the trees and talk  a bit.
On FB lots of friends are doing the same, some on beaches, some in campsites.
It’s not too original. But something so perfect doesn’t have to be original.  Each in our own way are enjoying the relaxing summer heat.  In town I passed a stage surrounded by hundreds on the grass enjoying a concert.  Another day I’d enjoy that. Now I’m just glad to be at the camper.  

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