Saturday, February 18, 2017

Humility as a Spiritual Law

"Neither fear of God, nor mercy, nor faith, nor self mastery, nor any other virtue can be achieved without humility. Moreover , humility destroys all the arrows of the enemy. All the saints followed the way of humility and laboured at it…Do you see the power of this virtue? Indeed there is nothing stronger than humility, for nothing can conquer it. If some affliction befalls a humble man, he immediately blames himself for deserving it and will not reproach or blame another. Thus he endures everything that may befall (him) untroubled, without grief, with perfect calm; and so he is angered by no one and angers none."
St. Dorotheos of Gaza
I have been obsessed like many with politics recently. It is not good for my peace of mind.  I see that there are those of my friends who feel towards Donald Trump the new president of the US the way I feel towards Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. Indeed the failure of Justin Trudeau has no doubt caused major anger and displacement of that anger towards Trudeau onto Donald Trump since Liberals will blame anyone but themselves for their failures.  I like Donald Trump and I don’t like Justin Trudeau.  They despise Donald Trump and don't have any real feelings for Justin Trudeau To the doctor in me I’d say we both have allergic reactions to two different antigens.
Regardless of this both men and their influence is in the affairs of men.  Jesus said , “Give unto Cesar, Cesar’s due.”  He repeatedly said his focus was the “Kingdom of Heaven”.  When I allow my feelings and passions to be played with by the deceitful self serving media I become a victim of the propaganda.
The basis of anger is fear. I have resentment towards Justin Trudeau because of what I perceive as his terrifyingly incompetent leadership, his wasteful spending, his allegiance to the United Nations and Saudi Arabia, his giving billions of Canadian dollars away to cronies overseas under the guise of ‘foreign aid’ where repeated investigations of Canadian ‘foreign aid’ has showed its gone directly to arming criminals;his Globalist  Agenda, his sole allegiance to Quebec ruled by biker gangs and mafia, his arrogant disgust of English Speaking Canadians and Western Canada specifically,  his importation of thousands of angry migrant young men whose extreme religion is against all that Canadians like myself value;and his appearance of utter ignorance of the cost and despair his ‘aggressive’ policies involve along with all the broken promises of the election campaign. His utter deceitfulness is frightening when one looks back at history and sees that leaders who have got into power on one mandate have suddenly switched gears and proposed a personal agenda which is self serving but threatens to bring the majority of Canadians to poverty and war.  His economic polices are disastrous.
Obviously I could go on.
I have this recurrent image of myself on my Harley Davidson Electroglyde 1600 cc Motorcycle barrelling along life’s freeway at a 110 km/hr and there in the centre of the road is a huge steaming pile of human excrement, a bullshit pile of immense dimension.  Now like a rookie motorcyclist I’m studying that pile with fascination.
( “if some affliction befalls a humble man, he immediately blames himself for deserving it and will not reproach or blame another.")
Emmett Fox, the spiritual leader, teaches quite succinctly the fundamental spiritual  ‘law of attraction’, that that which I am attracted to I will go to and will find more of and indeed God, a loving parent, will give me more of.  I am seeing politics everywhere.  I am aiming my motorbike right at the pile of excrement. I am emotionally disturbed to hear Justin Trudeaus whining snivelling debutante voice, the voice of a high school acting student. I am irritated to see his fatuous face. I’m emotionally invested in his male imitation of Myla Cyress.  I have given him power.  It’s not at the rational thought level that the law of attraction works but rather at the ‘feeling level’.  The problem with Trudeau and with politics and the media is that I’m watching them and listening to them. It’s mostly Facebook with that weasel leftist little Lenin wannabe Zuckerberg and his advertising now on my once personal stream.  His propaganda is constantly bringing forward the radical leftist agenda he wants. He’s a lipstick liberal, just like Lenin, a rich lawyer boy who maintained his wealth and status manipulating brownshirt peasants just as the socialist Hitler did to put himself in power and Lord it over the masses.
Zuckerberg now is promoting poverty for all with the globalist agenda that guarantees a liberal elite unprecedented power. World Communism (often presented  under the guise of socialism, like a candy coated tourd)achieved finally through the Frankfurt school and work of Italian Gransci et al.  This isn’t ‘paranoia’ or ‘racism’ or any of the ‘propaganda’ ‘sloganeering’ that passes as intelligence to this incredibly stupid people whose principal communication is ‘name calling’.  At least their standard chanting war refrains have gone up a notch from their ‘running dog imperialist’ poor English translation of Chinese and Russian bullies.  They’ve refined their marketeering to the local but continue to wage war on society because only with global war can they topple those who are in charge and place themselves in charge.
The Left want a revolution and they want war.  The lipstick liberals and their limousine elite crowd want total war.  Only in WWIII will they be able to ‘win’ to the top. Lenin was as great a murdering leader as Mohammed.  Mohammed was as great a war  lord as Stalin and Hitler.  There is no surprise that communists and muslims have formed ranks today to create global jiahad, sharia communism, because they are both spawn of warlords, the genius of murdering mad men.
By contrast Jesus and Buddha are not war lords.  Constantine, a Roman emperor lead Christians as did eastern leaders lead Buddhists to war but the religion of Jesus and the Buddha were not war leaders. Islam is a religion of war. Buddhism and Christianity are religions love and peace.  Marx promoted war and claimed that war was necessary. Communism is a aetheist death religion given it's the only true political expression of aetheism.  Nazism, another socialism was neopagan, lead by the neo pagan Hitler.  The paid gangs of rioters who serve George Soros and his economy crashing ambulance chaser follow the actual play books of toppling nations created by  Mohammed and Marx/Lenin/Engels and Castro and Mao.  Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau's father, used the same agenda to bring tanks into Canada and declare national law before destroying the economy and overwhelming the health care system by bringing the sick families of immigrants into the country as paid voters.  It's called 'political science' and it's the science of 'soft war' which precedes 'hard war'.  These men aren't pacifists. They war mongers.  Stalin just continued the mass murdering Lennin began. Mohammed's family continued jihad right into Spain and almost took Venice were it not for the defensive Crusades that stopped their global war after the Muslims killed millions of non muslims , a practice they continue today.  Every day an Iman in a mosque in a western country calls for the death of non muslims. This is no religion of peace. Communism is equally a religion of death and destruction. Why Justin Trudeau is lying to Canadians is what terrifies us.
Intelligently I disagree with the Liberal position because Communism has destroyed country after country and the destruction of the once great Europe is occurring now because of the very policies that Justin Trudeau is putting forward.  Atheists have killed more people in a century than all the religions of the world killed in all the centuries before.
So I am afraid.  If I were calm about this matter I’d be like the great political writer JJ McCullough who always has a certain aloof wry humour to his commentary. He doesn’t have the hysteria that is so obviously insane that immediately indicates that a person isn’t there for a discussion but rather for an argument. JJ McCullough only tried to discuss the privilege and bullying of Canada by Quebec and Quebec parliamentarians wanted him silenced and censored. Today the left wants to silence anyone who doesn't promote Sharia Communism.
I don’t think I’m perfectly sane when I speak about that great asshole Justin Trudeau. There is the Big Kahuma and then there is the big Asshole.  I’m indelicate and this bothers me to.  I have been taught as a gentleman that I must respect the ‘rank’ even if I consider the ‘man or woman’ who holds the rank a ’turd’.  Yet here I am down at the low brow level of the leftist Trudeau calling him names like he and his followers did to Mr. Harper.  I have lost the high ground and am fighting in the sordid streets where the brown shirt gangsters of the liberals and their low brow followers congregate with niqab covered faces so the cameras don't pick up their looting jewelry stores.
Politics because it is about fear and aggression brings out the worst in us.  It's brought out the worst in me. It’s like the business meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous. I saw the most serene and loving of people who had shown no hostility go mad with rage over the discussion of how the chairs in the room were to be placed.  I’ve watched churches divide over the politics of who will be granted the contract for the repair of the roof. No greater hostility and violence of spirt was apparent to me than at the university where the vilest of human behaviour occurs because of the lust for power and grants in those not so hallowed halls of a great deal of business and a huge dollop of politics and just a little taste of learning.  Institutions are by nature the seats of politics and the place where humans best learn ’the sport of politics’.  There’s compromise and team playing. But they're commonly vicious and deceitful.  Canada is a toxic country.  It wasn't always such.
Anyone like me who is happiest alone is normally no better than a critic because critics are a loud cacophony of idiocy that surrounds all human endeavour. It’s the boots on the ground people like Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump who are the leaders of the world.  Donald Trump goes every day to work and Justin Trudeau goes to work when he’s not vacationing with his large extended family.
 I honestly fear I couldn’t last a day in parliament because I think politics is downright stupid. It really scares me. They’re like a street gang in suits.  Tough boys and girls fighting for their personal gain and claiming that it’s for the good of all, all the while trying to please a myriad of rich and poor suitors.  It’s horrid.
In psychiatry we speak of projection and counter projection.  When I use the term ‘projection’ I mean that I’m putting emotionally on another what I am carrying over from my past.  Counter projection is the equal and opposite play of emotional baggage. No one is without it.  If a black man has been beat up by three white men he will be suspicious of the fourth. If a white man has been beat up by 3 black men he will be suspicious of the fourth.  Everyone uses tactics to get the other person to ‘disarm’ emotionally. The strategy favoured by psychopaths and sociopaths is to demand ‘unilateral disarmament’.  “Trust me”.  The naive youth are forever becoming the cannon fodder because they’re so stupid. I’m a crotchety old dog because I’ve survived this long only because I’ve been beat up and lied to by politicians and media and the rich and powerful and gangs and I’ve just barely survived with an inordinate number of scars. If people don’t have scars they weren’t in the fight.  The guy who lost his leg in war wasn’t stupid as the people back home think, he was where the action was.  Only the wounded know.  A whole lot of people live off the deaths of others and because they’re dishonest about their indebtedness come up with all manner of insanity to convince themselves they’re better.
When I first reported to the authorities a person who was killing and breaking the law I was savaged. I have been savaged every time I have reported killers, pedophiles and thieves.  Kill the messenger is the basic Canadian strategy of ‘preserving the status quo’.  The ‘bad man’ is part of a ‘bad nest’. If you just take out one as I learned early in my career the others who support that evil turd will come after you.
Justin Trudeau represents a third of Canadians, most of Quebec, a whole lot of Eastern urban girls and boys and a whole lot of bought votes like the refugees he brought in on condition they would vote for him.  Two thirds of Canadians don’t like him.  The vast majority of Germans did not like Hitler or his party initially.  It doesn’t take a ‘majority’ of people to take over a country. That’s the basic principle of communist revolution. They take over countries by infiltration of key organizations and undermine individuals.  The problems the Americans faced with North Vietnamese is the assassination teams that roamed the countryside of south Vietnamese killing any good leaders in the villages.
 In Canada ‘character assassination’ is the name of the game and anyone who stands up to the bullies in power will be subjected to attacks the likes of what we witnessed with Donald Trump. No one will ever know how many women Obama groped and how often he said he was going to get some pussy other than Michelle.  It didn’t matter that Bill Clinton was a rapist or at least Hillary paid a woman off so she would not have to face that slur in court.  Who cares if Hillary and Abedin had a lesbian relationship but Donald Trump was slurred in the most intimate way.  The prostitutes that Mao or Lenin had were never an issue politically because the left doesn’t care about their own leaderships ‘foibles’ or ‘humanity’.  The bullies don’t have a code or standards.  They exist to use those with a code or standards against them.
I always hear loner aetheists calling people who go to church hypocrites yet there is no greater group of hypocrites than an atheist philosophy department. My favourite hypocrite is an atheist philosopher. The greatest whiner of modern times was the great deconstructionist who had an emotional hissy fit when a brilliant philosopher subjected his pet deconstruction theory to deconstruction.  Critics are only good when they are pointing fingers.
I brought up PROJECTION because I know I’m “projecting’ when I am critical of Justin Trudeau. He and his wife Sophie absolutely remind me of my time professoring at the  university when I was married and I believed and spoke all that fatuous effete dilletante crap that gets a guy laid with stupid girls after drinking a little wine and smoking a few joints. We all ‘love’ and ‘love’ is good and the girls back then were so easy, like Sophie. Sexy, easy, adoring, sensual.  A regular white bra Kardasian.  You imagine they’ve got dildos and do anal and oral sex and it’s fun in the bedroom when Sophie isn’t manipulating and conniving and giving Trudeau shit, when Sophie and his mother, the drug addict sexsensationalist Maggie Trudeau aren’t ganging up on the poor guy.  He’s actually taken his "in laws" on vacation. Where are the comedians with such rich material.  Really. Where are they.  Cowards. The Justin Trudeau family with all the sex scandals and drugs and Maggie and Sophie and Trudeau and the nannies and the private helicopter rides to satanic islands of concubines and privacy is just hilarious material but no, the comedians don't dare. Canada is a police state. Comedians have been fined for 'speech'. Overnight with the throning of Justin Trudeau the Dark Ages settled into Canada and we reverted to a world where criticizing Mohammed or Allah meant death.  Now comedians don't laugh at the bizarre nest that is the dope smoking Trudeau family.
I was Justin Trudeau. I was a young man in a very bad place and I felt suicidal with the difficulty of the decisions I had to make when I was at the top in my University days professoring and lecturing and sounding like an arrogant idiot I was. I blamed anything and everything on everything and anything but me.
Justin Trudeau’s life is the shits. I had it. I was right there mouthing platitudes and arguing with the wife at home. I never had the monster children that required 2 nannies and the dozen army and navy seals surrounding them and talking to them and keeping them in line along with the crazy wife and crazy mother and all the manufacturers of weapons and marijuana wanting me to push their product. Then there’s  the nightmares of Daddy's  elephant and the mouse  causing him to be with out sleep and he’s just wanting everyone to love him. Then the fucking media who he's bought and paid for takes a picture of him eyeing Ivanka’s tits with raw lust , and only yesterday  he elbowed the tit of just about the best looking breasts in the opposition.  No one understands what it’s like to be a castrated man and he’s acting his very best trying to please the bike gangs and mafia in Quebec and when he met the head of China he wet himself if he wasn’t sodomized by that really barbaric scary dude.  Justin Trudeau keeps having to have dinner with guys who have literally killed thousands, many with their own hands. He's dining in Cuba with guys who have gone into jails where they've personally tortured peasants then killed these defenceless unarmed men with a shot to the back of head or a slash of a machete.  Muslim leaders   are chopping off the heads of people in public executions today and men chop of the heads of their wives without legal consequence.  Justin is meeting these people and he''s got to be in shock.  This is a vacuous part time drama teacher and pot head snow board who calls himself a 'feminist' to get laid by his really bitchy silly wife.  You really don’t think the Chinese leader hasn’t taken some personal pleasure in physically snuffing out the life of his enemy with his bare hands. Lenin got a real rush killing people personally . He loved being able to use his spy agency to hunt down Trotsky and snuff him in Mexico.
Justin Trudeau liked his bro Obama, he was slick like the other boys at school, a lawyer, who joked with him after dinner snorting a few lines of coke maybe . A couple of the boys laughing over cigars Obama told Trudeau what a rush to authorize a drone strike.  They probably laughed about how they'd like to drone strike Donald Trump and maybe Rona Ambrose. God, power is glorious.  Obama was Justin's friend and now this fucking Donald Trump is just as likely to poison Trudeau in Trudeau’s eyes as he is to whack a terrorist or drug cartel leader.  Donald Trump scares the shit out of Trudeau.   That explains why Trudeau always walks like he has a wet one in his white shorts.  He’s shitting himself.  Now where are the Canadian comedians with this stuff.  Charlie Head was murdered and the fact is no one in Canada not on government pay is pay enough to take any risks. Canadian comedians are cowards. I don't blame them. But really, the material here is priceless.
I was shitting myself when I was in my thirties and forties trying to sort out the lies from the lies and having all these idiots criticizing me and judging me.  .
Trudeau is my younger self. I’ve not forgiven myself. I’ve not forgiven my gullibility. I continue to hold resentments to the leaders who punished me for reporting their killing drunken drug addicted cronies. I”m still angry that the women protected the deadly drug addicted women even more than the old boys club.  I hated the double standards.  Racism is all about letting a minority kill because they’re a minority and I watched that happened and reported that but they got a free pass but the white guy got it then I got it for ‘not being a team player’.  I was supposed to watch the killing and stealing go on and wait my turn.  I was supposed to be a support to organization and never never never never be a ‘whistle blower’.  Being a ‘whistle blower’ in my case just served to hurt the good leader who had the weak secondary so that the really evil dirty killing competitor got in power.  It was a lesson in what Winston Churchill called "real politic".  His mother slept around too but she was discrete about it. My mother didn't.  My mother and father were salt of the earth.
That’s what I like about Melania. I don’t think she sleeps around. Her son is most important to her.  My mother didn’t sleep around because her children were most important to her.  Naturally having been a son I like that trait in a woman. It’s otherwise dubious especially to a group into orgies.  They would naturally not like that trait in a woman. I didn’t like non drinkers when I drank.  I really like that Donald Trump doesn’t drink. I keep wanting Trudeau drug tested but that’s just my past talking. I was punished with years of drug testing because being the least important youngest member of a drunken orgying  drug doing important crowd who were competing with the resentful fearful political non drinking non drugging monogamous crowd.  I was the sacrifice.  Nothing changed in the bigger picture. I lost millions in potential income.  Some would say I saved my soul.  I somedays think I'd rather of saved my ass.  I took the road less travelled. Now all that history is dying around me. The players are 5 and 10 years older and dying of cancer and sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol and drug abuse and dementing early.
I don’t think Justin Trudeau has the character I had.  I probably sell him short. Politicians are such whores. I was like that. I turned down a gig as a naked pole dancer and refused to do major crime. I was invited. I was there at the gate. I turned away. I don’t know if Trudeau would.  He's always seemed so weak.  Power crazed liked his father in that way and addicted like his mother.
I’m old today. I really believe I’d take a gig as a naked pole dancer today.  If someone offered me the kind of money they offered me at 20.  I just turned down a couple of thousand dollars a day pushing marijuana. I turned down the easiest job of doing abortions with a couple of months vacation, half million a year and 30 hour work week.  God there’s really money to be made on the dark side, that grey area that the Liberal government celebrates.  I personally have moved more into public health than the personal health arena simply because I’m so tired of being beat up defending the underdogs. I’m tired of constantly paying big money out of my own pocket to stop people being killed and for what.
The fact is we get the leaders we deserve.  Isaiah said that of Israel.  Trudeau is a puppet. He’s a silly little boy with a bitch wife and a crazy mother and a flakey fatuous life and low brow take on reality, experiencing a kind of drug addicted party with all the trappings of a gang fest and he’s probably dying in side.  He's mostly likely sold his soul and his ass.
When I was in that world it was horrible. Sitting next to a guy talking about maiming someone for profit with a whole lot of shakers and makers of society around me and the wife kicking me under the table to shut up.  I remember the dinner parties of bores and all those UN type egos and the utter stupidity. I just haven’t been able to do that without pot and wine. When I was smoking pot and drinking wine I could sit at such a function and get through the night ogling the girls tits. I could even listen to my second mother in law, the greatest nut bar of womanhood mother in laws whose insanity competed with the third mother in laws whose existence was the basis of all the worlds’ jokes about mother in laws. I simply couldn’t do that today. I sometimes think that the only way a sane person could accept Canadian politics today or listen to a CBC news cast is with a shit load of LSD on board.
Some one has to do that job which is probably worse than public sanitation.  I never liked tuxedos and having my picture taken and the sycophants saying how great I was.  I look at poor Justin and see that he’s really struggling.  The mentally retarded don’t have an easy life.  I’ve known Downs syndrome trisomy 21 adults and they laugh a lot and like eating and sex but they’re befuddled by life.
I’m clearer visioned today. That they had to do that old style communist political play with Justin in front of the blackboard equation prop massacring a description of a quantum computer he'd been coach all night on and prompted by the paid sycophant reporter was just too tragic.  Seeing that and the millions that went into that little play really showed just how stupid Justin must be and how many people really know it that they have to do that kind of political marketing. It was like when the Kennedy's were boinking Marilyn Munroes their handlers couldn't get enough of them backdropped by churches and talking to mother child functions.  It's politics.  But not for the good guys. They don't stoop need to stoop so low.   And I don't have to follow them there.  I'm the one watching this World Wrestling rigged massive theft fest.
I just have to follow the spiritual laws. The spiritual law of motorcycling is to focus on where you want to go.  If you see a big pile of human excrement on the highway of life you don’t watch it. You aim away from it. You go around around it.  When you were a kid you loved to scream ‘wee’ and go right through that shit but you’re not 20 30 or 40 anymore and you don’t drink and you don’t smoke so forget it. Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride.
Go to the light.
Politics in general is a cluster fuck and a shit storm. CBC is the worst of news sources.  You know listening to it is like sticking a curling iron in your ear or up your ass. You’ve never done that, thank God so why do you ever turn on CBC and see how your tax payer money is being wasted and hear the worst sharia communist propaganda. They’re not going to give you the real news. They’re not going to show Justin Trudeau hugging the porcelain and upchucking his wine and guts into  the gilded toilet. CBC is not going to let you hear that Sophie is still telling him what an asshole he is after the media showed him ogling Ivanka’s tits.  It was maybe okay for Obama and Michelle and Sophie and Justin to do a little coke and have a little group sex in the White House but despite what the media say about Donald Trump he’s not going to like a foreign dignitary lusting after his brilliant beautiful and married daughter.  It doesn’t matter that he was a young cad, a father doesn’t take that shit.  So there’s Justin with a hangover and a headache and Sophie is giving him  her "I’ve got a feminist head ache for another lifetime routine " and Myla Cyress has a sexually transmitted disease and that fat ass Kardasian that Trudeau can’t get enough of watching when he’s not having to go to those boring boring meetings, has obviously got really bad hemorrhoids.  The Kardashians have hemorrhoids. Really. I thought everyone knew.
And I’m here with my dog.  I’m an egomaniac with a inferiority complex. I’m envious and afraid. And it’s got nothing to do with what’s happening today. I’ve got to get my head in the same room as my ass is and I’ve got to get my one foot out of the future and one foot out of the past and I’ve got to count my blessings.  I've got to accept God's in charge and the world is unfolding as it should.
I’ve got to accept that if I had never smoked dope then maybe Trudeau would not have become prime minister. That's the multiverse, at that node where I chose smoking and drinking to prayer and fasting,  I took chose the path that lead to this reality. I personally by my behaviour contributed to the cluster fuck I see us facing now.  This is my part of the group karma. In an alternate reality Justin Trudeau is still snowboarding and teaching kids drama. He has the fish mongers wife and the overbearing in laws and the nannies and all that shit but Canada has a real worthy prime minister who is a statesman and doesn't do drugs.   If I had been a good man and kept my nose to the grindstone instead of ogling girls tits when I was his age I would have perhaps stayed married to those darling women I married who make Sophie look like something hit by a truck . I”m reminded of my wive’s when I see Melania with Trump and her son Barron.  My first wife really looked like Melania. My second wife looked like Nicole Kidman. My third wife when she wasn't doing drugs was great.  I really was a loser like Trudeau when I was young sounding just as god awful stupid, singing ‘we shall overcome ‘ and smoking joints and fucking outdoors after the peace rallies. God it was great to be young and stupid.  At least I knew more about science,  physics,  computers on my worst day back then than he did on his best with all the best acting and science tutors and he still got it wrong.  I also taught drama back then so I really can see how incredibly bad he is in what he's supposed to be best at.  Whenever I see him and hear him in public it's like seeing Peewee singing opera. Such a bad performance. Maybe he snowboards better. I never snowboarded so maybe I'd not know what a farce he is.
Face it .  You’re jealous of Trudeau not because of his position but because of his age. You wish you could be young again and say no to dope and save yourself that wasted time when you took so many knocks in life because when you’re not fully aware you become a target. Poor Justin probably dreams of snowboarding and smoking a joint and wonders what the fuck happened to his life. And if he hadn’t smoked dope maybe he could still be a part time drama teacher snowboarding and not having to listen to the awful little kids, the in laws and the bitch wife Sophie a real fishmonger wife if ever there was one.
Here you’ve survived. You’ve got through the age of stupidity and there’s really no need to go through it.  Fast from face book. If you can give up beaujolais you can give up Face book or at least politics. Not JJ McCullough. You can read JJ but stay away from CBC and all those other main stream media marketing war mongering lie telling smooth sounding talking dick head programs.
Remember last week how good you felt listening to neurosciences driving to and from work. And don’t you see how much better you feel reading the writings of saints.  You read what Trudeau said about something and had to clean up the shit because your bowels didn’t know wether to vomit or have diarrhea. it was so unappealing. Go to the light.  Aim the motorcycle where you want to go.  Go around the shit and the shit heads.
You want to go to the light.
Forgive yourself.  Forgive Justin Trudeau. Forgive Donald Trump. Forgive all the politicians. Forgive the institution of politics. Forgive that little weasel Zuckerberg. Forgive Merkel. Forgive Mohahmmed even if he’s dead centuries and his killing still goes on.  Forgive Jesus and even Buddha because they left you and are probably in heaven watching the world and laughing at the entertainment that all this people wandering about in shit brings those who’ve gone before and get to look back from a place of grace.
And humility.
Always remember the mantra you created in your yogi days, “I am insignificantly significant and significantly insignificant’.  Get some humility happening. It’s all outside your pay grade.  You’re just another silly critic and poor Justin Trudeau gets enough shit from his mother and his wife and those Quebec biker gangs and all his other handlers.  He’s got the stupid downtown girl groupies but he can’t even look at Ivanka’s tits  Remember the trouble that porn dog Bill Clinton had.  He must have had Hillary blasting him every night. It's amazing they had a daughter with how angry that woman is all of the time.  He just wanted to get blow jobs from every young women and whatever success he had in life he’ll always be remembered as not knowing a blow job was a ‘sexual relationship’ and being an even greater liar than Nixon.
Why focus on these guys. There’s amazing guys doing amazing science and you listen to the stupid news when you can be listening to neurosciences like you did last week, hearing about the latest researcher on synapses say.
I know you hardly ever listen to this shit. You really do spend most of your time studying science and history and theology.  You've read dozens of texts on ethics and morality.  You practiced yoga and Tai Chi and pray and meditate.  I know  You try to avoid CBC like the plague turning it off but you still turn it on.  You're like a porn addict who can't resist a peek.  Everytime you listen to CBC propaganda it makes you sick.  Still you listen a bit.  5 minutes of kiddie porn.  That's all it takes to get the addiction to depravity raved up. And here you are indulging in just a taste of CBC like a crack addict who thinks he can just have a little taste then wonders why his whole attitude goes to shit.
Then yo go to Facebook despite the bullshit it’s become with more advertising and Zuckerberg filling your screen with his left wing propaganda pieces and saying 'we thought you'd like that'. And you screaming you Zuckerberg might like crack and kiddie porn but I don't want you shit lies in my home on my computer.
I liked the  dogs and humour. It’s like you keep opening the door to strangers and wondering why you can’t even block the intrusion of psychopaths and sociopaths because you won’t accept your mind is valuable. You love when you read the Bible. You felt so good last week reading Kierkegaars that your friend John Christiensen gave you. I know you don’t seek out this bullshit but you sure spend a long time looking at this piles of human excerment on the road before your swerve your motorcycle to safety. You're like a guy whose sober standing outside a liquor store window reading labels on the bottles and complaining about the display.   Go to the light.  Stay focused on the journey.
The journey is you become more humble, more virtuous, more honest, more learned, more wise, more relatable, and more spiritual.  You want to be a good person. You want to be of service to your fellow man. You want to make money so you can direct it to where you think it serves the most good. You want to do a whole lot of good things and instead you are distracted by all the shit.  You really have to get your act together and stop letting people get into your home and keep you from doing what you were doing.  They have child locks on computers to keep the criminals away from children. You need a Facebook without Zuckerberg's propaganda. You need a radio with the CBC news deleted from the dial. You got Sirius to listen to hymns and symphony but no you still, tired, at the end, of a very long day, driving home, turn on the radio to get the CBC news and what do you get, a headache.  And it’s okay to eat ice cream and watch Star Trek. It’s not like you don’t deserve it. You’ve served for decades so doing some things for yourself is okay. But why don't you really look on the bright side of life. Let someone else take care of Trudeau and Sharia Communism. You've spent your life fighting evil and getting beat up saving lives and doing the right thing.  For nearly 20 years now you've been clean and sober and you only binge drank and smoked dope a few years of your life.  You quit drinking because of your wife's drug problem.  It was great to get the help to stay sober and it was great to make all the friends who left that Justin Trudeau Sophie Obama Michelle Ottawa Washington Swamp life.  You have a good life. You're supposed to be preparing for a good death.  Prayer and fasting. Leave this world of Trudeaus and lies and CBC propaganda and globalist communism to the next generation. They may have to have a World War III and maybe they will not make it. I worry for my nephews who are so trusting and good and my god children who are so young.  But mostly I worry for my old age.  I see the government killing us old people off and having taken from us all our lives now when we are too old killing us like the Communists always do.  Firing squads or physician assisted suicides.  It's fear of aging that makes me cranky. It's my brother dying young.  It's the patients dying daily because of Trudeau's underfunding health care and encouraging addiction and drug abuse.  It's the insanity of greedy public policy.  It's aging. I'm afraid. I'm not doing well at humility. I'm not trusting God enough. God is good all of the time and God has been good to me despite myself. I must practice the presence of God and follow the light. I have allowed myself to be pulled down into the swamp and am choking on my own choice to swim in this muck.  My job is to do my work humbly thankful for what I have and focussing on the good I can do.  I must celebrate the good and avoid the piles of shit in the road.  I need to sing praises and celebrate the journey.  It's been glorious at times.  I love my little dog though his blindness in one eye has been so demoralizing.  I am upset with the forced move and the failure of administration.  I am utterly tired of the constant demands and no resources.  I am thankful for what we are doing. I must pray more for my friends with cancer and my friends who are older and feeling as afraid as I am about the destruction of the health care system, the lack of pain management and the abuse of pain medication. But my job isn't in politics.  I have to focus on healing.  Healing at the microcosm level.  I must heal myself. Recovery and my relationship with God and learning to be more humble.  It's all going to be okay. This too shall pass. Just keep cleaning up the wreckage of your past.  Thank god you quit drinking wine and smoking dope and smoking tobacco as soon as you did and that you didn't continue along that dead end.  Take the right way around the shit in the road. See the clear open high way.
Love God and Love your neighbour as your self. Your problem is that you haven’t loved God enough. You haven’t meditated enough, prayed enough, read uplifting literature enough, laughed enough, exercised enough, walked the dog enough.  That’s where you need to focus. That’s humility. You’re a student of life. Focus on the clear path. Pay attention to the Way.
Humility is a spiritual law. If you want to feel good look to what you yourself are doing or not doing that is making you feel bad.  And if you are doing something that is off then make sure there’s more balance. Remember Gandhi and Martin Luther King both made essentially the same statement, “It’s a tough day, so I must spend more time on my knees”.

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