Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Morning in Burnaby

I woke at 7 am and woke up Gilbert who was fast asleep at the bottom of the bed.  He stretched, got up and took an interest in what I was doing after I’d come out of the washroom.  I decided then to take him for a walk.  Early morning. Sunny blue sky day. We walked over to the river where he can be off leash in the wilderness part. it was nice there. Quiet stream. Meditative.  Warm.

I walked up the other way along the side of the RV park to the railway tracks. I’d hope to find a passage through the woods into the park but there wasn’t one.  So we headed along the railway track. I was concerned. There are a lot more trains passing than previous years so I hurried along. I’d twisted my ankle a bit come down a hill so winced a bit, not that bad, more a nuisance.  I ran the last little bit to get off the tracks then we walked along the road back to the park.  

Billy , the welsh corny was out walking his master with the GMC diesel truck. We let the two dogs play. That’s the big event in the dogs life.  Sniffing each other’s butts and genitals.  After a while that gets boring. I’d discussed my truck choices with their northerner and gone with gas.  He’s got a diesel GMC he’s fond of.  

Back in the trailer I gave Gilbert his glaucoma eye drops which he doesn’t like. Then made coffee.  I called Tom to tell him I was up. I’d read the mail and read Facebook and ready to get the day rolling. He’d offered to help take a couch to Laura’s.  

I actually got the medical legal report I had to do done and even completed a card for Business Now to make up as well as applied for Internet fax service.  

Laura and I have been texting as we do. We’ve been following our friend Barb’s trip in New York City, ourselves just being there at Christmas.  Gilbert has been watching at the window excited by people and trailers coming to go. I think he’s waiting for Tom. He really does know a whole lot more than he gets credit for.  At the City Hall he knows we are going to Laura’s and begins barking. When Tom comes he’s beside himself.  His favourite people. He likes Dave and his dog Emory too.  Then there’s all his friends at work.  He really shows his joy.

I’ve a light to fix. I took out the old ceiling light then replaced the new only to find that I needed to fix the connector as now I had 2 ceiling lights not working and the one that had not been working is the only one working.

I’d expected Tom to arrive an hour or so ago because I’ve been planning on brunch at the White Spot. Now it’s past noon and I’m thinking about a burger.

I’ve Victor’s moose in the fridge to barbecue.

I was looking through old photos. A bit of nostalgia. Missing my brother and parents because I’d like to know who some of the folks are.  I was looking to see if Dad’s old truck was a Ford.  Grand dad had a Dodge on the farm, big mean old farm truck.  But I think Dad’s pick up was a Ford. His autos were always American motors because he knew how to fix them and had the tools for them, 

I’ve lost track of my music I’ve purchased. The new truck plays off my iPhone but I’d downloaded the music to make room and now have just bought a couple of new albums and will find the hard drive I have the other tunes on. I can see I have purchased them on iTunes but I can’t get them off the cloud or they just may be on a back up or hard drive.  Anyway feeling nostalgic I downloaded the 1967 68 albums I so loved Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot and the Beatles.  I’ve got Third Days latest too.Tunes in the truck.

I’m enjoying my leather chair I had at the office which I’ve brought here.  It really is comfortable, no wonder I liked doing therapy across from the couch.  I saw my last patients there last week.  Now I’m seeing patients at three clinics and closing the office completely eventually.  Angel is staying on for a couple of weeks to work a couple of days a week to tie up lose knots.  My patients have transferred. Angel was to send the letters out and has contacted patients.  It all arose when we learned mid December that the landlady didn’t have zoning for the office to be used as a medical office and was told by the city that my office couldn’t be used for a medical office.  I was booked off for Christmas, pretty run down after working through the grief of my brother’s passing and wanting desperately to have a distracting vacation. For a year now a fellow has been threatening my life and nothing has been done about it.  I have had so many threats and had to realize I’m on my own. All the dues and taxes we pay amount to nothing in the actual emergency. Other than lawyers I’ve felt unsupported. More and more people I know and see are being bullied and beaten down by the corruption and inhumanity in the system. The fentanyl epidemic is getting my patients too.

Oh well, it will all work out

Tom just arrived.  Time for another coffee

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