Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Political Correctness, Silencing Opposition and Disinformation

"If you forget history, you are doomed to repeat it."
I'm feeling that we have forgotten history.
All the great civilizations have fallen because of betrayal from within.
1)Political Correctness is just such a poison.
- As a result of political correctness, freedom of speech has been destroyed. Freedom of speech just happens to be one of the pillars of a democracy, In fact it's the pillar of civilization.  Today though thanks to political correctness, the attempt to not offend anyone by one's speech and the idea that one can actually speak in such a way as to not offend someone is utterly ludicrous. But that's political correctness,
- a form of political correctness is today to limit terms like 'slave' to 'blacks' whereas people of every colour have been enslaved at some time or other.  Political correctness has been summarized as the attempt to 'hold a turd by the clean end'.  So today's students' strapped with immense debt from student loans are slaves as much as indentured servants were and as much as the sex slaves of arabia are.  The distinction between 'chattel slaves' and 'addicted drug slaves' is political correct 'hair splitting. Similarly 'political correctness' limits sexual abuse to female gender and is extremely sexist since there are countless boys sexually abused but they are 'politically incorrect'.  It goes on like this, as the 'language of truth and freedom' is perverted to become a 'language of war'.  Political correctness is indeed one of the tenets of social communism which was a wedding of the schools of sociology of Freud and Marx.

2) Silencing the Opposition
-  Dictatorships have long liked killing their opposition.  The left wing aetheist (socialists) communists buried hundreds of millions, often in unmarked mass graves . The right wing pagan fascists, (National Socialists) gassed their opponents but also used mass graves.  Pol Pot was a particularly adept recent specialist in mass murder. Rwanda was genocidal and now ISIS continues the Muslim beheading practiced by the war lord and prophet Mohammed and taught in the Koran as the correct way to 'silence opposition'.  (A friend says the zombie movies are teaching the children how to practice the eventual 'one religion'.  "We are the zombies', he says.  One of the persecuted Christians, the greatest persecuted religious of today. The Jews held that position in the past.  
- Assasination has always been a favourite way of removing opposition and recently was developed with immense finesse by the Columbian drug lords who murdered anyone who opposed them.
-The other technique when outright killing wasn't an option was 'disappearing'.  The right wing Argentinian military dictatorship was especially good at this but Stalin and Hitler had pretty much fine tuned this technique long before the Argentians.  China is now a master.  I remember people from the cold war USSR days telling me of the KGB coming in the night and dragging off a political member of the family and they'd simply disappear.  Since the fall of the Wall there continues attempts to find what happened to countless thousands but not only were the individuals 'dissappeared' but in the remarkably corrupt beaurocracy of communist countries so were the files purged too.
- Jails - are the other great way of 'silencing the opposition'.  Mandela is the famous prisoner of our time who freed, literally changed the consciousness of the world. The others were the survivors of Auschwitz and the survivors of the USSR's Gulag.  

3) Disinformation - the first casualty of war is the 'truth'.  As a politically correct black , liberal leader once said of the racial war, "We've got you honky white guys so corralled you don't even know what to call us."
-Everyone knows that all German's weren't Nazis, just as all Americans aren't obese.  Naziism was epidemic in Germany but now exists mostly in Moslem countries whereas obesity really is epidemic in America which has a whole lot more communists than it does nazis.  Nazis mostly fled to South America.  The fact is no one got angry if someone made a mistake not differentiating the average german from the average nazi from the particularly bad SS.  Today though if a person says "Islamic Terrorist" they are at fault for not designating that the terrorist is a Sunni Islamic Terrorist versus a Shia Islamic Terrorists, Sufi Islamists not having involved themselves in terrorism for probably centuries.
-Disinformation is stating outright lies like "Islam is a religon of peace".  This is as false as saying Germany is a country of peace.
-Disinformation is obscuring the specificity of the assailant.  Recently when Justin Trudeau , the Prime Minister of Canada physically grabbed an opposition leader there was a 'marketting orgasms of disinformation' even though Justin, caught on camera, could only 'apologize' contritely for an act of physical violation which had never before been seen in the House of Parliament.  It was a wonderful 'example' of 'spin doctoring' and 'damage control' and 'disinformation' which is usually recognised in Third World Countries and commonly what is seen normally in the UN.
-The UNITED NATIONS has two parts.  One the Security Council which is made up of the chief arms dealers in the world and the principle winners of WWII. It's power exists by threat of mutual destruction of each other but it lives by perpetual war. The second part of the United Nations is the general council. Canada for instance belongs to this though. The general council has dictators, military leaders and a true 'cast of usual suspects". It's portrayed by popular disinformation as some sort of "Star Trek" federation but it's more akin to a PIRATE Den or a Mafia Family Dinner given how many 'civil rights' abuses are done by the council. Two of the greatest Civil Rights abusers of all time China,which sits on the Executive Branch, or so called 'Security Council" and Saudi Arabia that sits in the general council.  These are relatively civilized though heinous countries that routinely kill and imprison members for anything but 'truthfully justifiable reasons'. The leadership are at times considered outright paranoid and consider anything question or threat to them 'justifiable'.  Meanwhile African leaders who condone sex slavery in general and killing homosexuals in particular sit on the general council. The beaurocrats in the UN are commonly immensely corrupt simply because corruption is the norm for much of the world.  What we in the 'west' consider the 'dark ages' persists in many countries as official policy.  So Disinformation is standard, regarding the United Nations and it's individual states and especially the security council or executive, China, Russia, France, Great Britain and the US.  NATO by comparison is a rather civilized body which shares mostly used to share ideas of civil liberty, democracy, freedom of speech etc.
- marketting is a specialized form of disinformation - 'if you tell a lie enough times most people will believe it."
-It's amazing the consolidation in power of the rich given G8 is simply the richest countries, with economic ministers meeting regular, all behind closed doors. Then there's G20 with greater influence but still top down.  The consolidation of power in a few is the aim of the existing power brokers.  These are increasingly beyond 'nation' states and more 'medieval corporate structures'.  A truism is that the 'reformer is an enemy of anyone who benefits from the status quo'.  So given that the UN was created in 1945 and the following structures added to it, the likely monetary aim of all these structures is to consolidate and control power and progress to the goals of a very few.
- Disinformation is associated with the claim, like Lenin that he needed 'dictatorship of the proletariat' for a temporary time.  Common disinformation was Hitler saying he was invading a country to 'save them".  There has a been an exponential increase of lawyers in a variety of areas where laws were enacted to 'save children', 'save women', save marginalized',  "Save whales'.  Now it's obvious that all these are 'good causes' but the basic 'con' is 'let me do all this for a fee'.  Increasingly government and 'advocates' are being paid masses of money which rarely reach the 'said project'.  It therefore is a truism that each person is principally 'self serving' and that the basic tenet of capitalisim , which is selfishness, is fundamental. The socialist/communist twist is that individuals are 'selfish on others behalf."  Consequently American and Canada have been described as increasing 'caregivers' and 'victims'.
The fundamental disinformation of today is the excessive use of Rhetoric masquerading as Logic.  To this end the Left are forever using 'ad hominem as their 'weapon of choice'.  "Ad hominem" is 'agaisnt the man'.....therefore we say 'John is an idiot therefore whatever he says about Climate Change is false." ...  John is a Christian so whatever he says about Climate Change is false.  What John is doesn't have any relevance to the validity of Climate Change.  An argument is considered 'fallacious' because it is so full of 'fallacies' (ad hominem is a fallacy).  Rhetoric is so common in marketting circles that people joke, "how do you know a politician is lying? Their lips are moving."  Another fallacy is 'appeal to authority'.  So the IPCC Climate Change Cult claimed to have a 'consensus' of 'scientists' and that the subject of climate change was 'closed'.  Indeed these dangerous UN nutbars actually attempted to legal silence scientists  from the study and refutation of their false claims.  This is big time 'silencing' and the 'methodology of silencing' is so 'unscientific' as to cause any real scientist to realize this is a totalitarian political organization with religous cult delusions and no scientific validity.  Their 'appeal to authority' was further weakened when their 'consensus' of 'scientists' included frauds, journalists, specialists in fruit fly fucking' and so many most unusual scientists with questionable credetionals.  The original IPCC had scientific validity but like lots of good organizations it veered of course as radically as Greenpeace and other such organizations.  S

 So Conspiracy Theories of the Individual against the State aren't that much a 'conspiracy'.  There clearly is motive.  Throughout history there are builders and stealers.  In the Bible there is the description of the building of the temple. Every time the builders picked up building tools the neighbours attacked. As a result they had to divide the builders into builders and protectors, half with swords in their hands and the other half with saws and hammers.

Historically, the king claimed that he needed more and more taxes to protect the peasants from invaders. Clearly when the Moslem Invaders were like ISIS even the money given to mount the defensive crusades was well spent.  Today the threats are of 'terrorists' and now 'climate change'. The world is ending so 'give me all your money'.  In addition taxes to the government with it's wealth and priviledge are already maximized.  Indeed a study at McGill university showed that once taxes were 50 per cent or more the 'risk' against doing crime was reduced sufficiently to warrant the present day development of the Black Market.  In Japan the 'Black Market' became so successful that the Yakusa, or Criminal Leadership are incorporated into government decisions makeing.  One indeed has to ask with the corruption in Canada as evidence by the multi billion dollar drug trade in BC and the Charbonneau Enquiry in Quebec showing the city ruled by mafia and biker gangs.

One has the sense with the level of disinformation in the main stream media and the conflicting opinons on the internet that really all one can hope to know is how many fingers and toes one has.  The rest is literally above one's pay grade.

I've read too many stories now where I was there and know the actual truth of the case and the reporting or monday morning quarter backing is so far off as to be black is white.

I feel often that the Ancients were better in that they had this 'SOAP OPERA" of Gods and Goddesses rampaging and wild sexing in the skies and metaphorically this may be our leadership.

On the other hand maybe the Wall Street leaders are Pillars of Society and my feeling that they are whoring and doing cocaine is caused by Di Capprio, a leftist Hollywood actor with a billion dollar playboy habit.  Look at the silliness of Kardasians and 'Reality Farce" Tv.

Who am I to judge. I pick up a dog's shit each day and watch the tv and read the news.  I just think that there is a 'collective stupidity' that the spiritual called 'sinfulness' in the west and 'maya' in the east.  A world of 'untruth'.  This is because of perception. My knowledge and perspective limit anything that I see. Of course I've this immense mass of formal education and very intensive and extensive experience in the mind, health, thinking, emotionals , biopsychosocial, money, economics, politics, general knowledge, specific knowledge and a whole wealth of learning of advanced physical and mental skills. But at the end of the day I truly believe God loves each individual of the billion or so equally. But in contrast to the nutbars I don't want to have the janitor flying the plane without a license , experience and skills.  I think this latter differentiates me considerably from others. I also don't want the pilot drunk or drugged or belonging to a death cult or going through a divorce.

When I consider the possibilities of what can go wrong I am utterly grateful that I get through a day in a city with so many people with so many problems. The bright side is that most people get by for such a long time.  The glass is full.


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