Friday, May 27, 2016

May Day

It’s a sunny day, blue sky, and warm.  There’s a light breeze.  And just a touch of sea air that with the sea gulls mixing now and then with the robins reminds one of the proximity of the ocean.  

The Pacific Ocean seems a big lake to me now that I’ve crossed it.  As I’ve been blessed to travel to various continents the world has grown smaller.  There’s the views from the space stations too.  So  the older I get the smaller the world has become.  It’s depth and mystery remain despite this.

I’m thankful that the cold and flu and allergies that so affected my breathing and caused a near constant cough are behind me.  The winter rains are gone. The bleak grey skies.  The despair in my work. 

Despite the election of Justin Trudeau, as abominable at that can be, the country is surviving as did American despite the ravages of Obama.  The people have resilience. The nations suffer course corrections. CBC news seems the worst possible propaganda in the word making Pravda looking like bastion of truth. Yet the programming of CBC, Tapestry, Ideas, the Vinyl Cafe’s all is the best in the world. 

We have the likes of Justin Trudeau and his characterological polar opposite, the astronaught, Chris Hatfield.  Canada has a weird balance with Justin Beiber and Celine Dion.  It all muddles on. 

I fear that my brother’s cancer and shock of it had me fearing for the nation as much as I did for our family. Personal and public concerns entwining.  

I love that the light shines in the darkness

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