Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pacific Theatre

Laura and I loved the improvs at Pacific Theatre.  Great cast of actors.  Definitely all the usual suspects. Hilarious.  Amazingly talented with music and acting. I've never seen such accomplished and funny musical improv.
Hannah and Caleb, the beautiful young couple whose wedding we'd attended such a short while ago were there.  Caleb volunteered to provide the sound effects for one improv.  It was especially funny. Of course, Caleb made all the difference in our eyes.
The Pacific Theatre announced it's new season.  Some really great shows.  Lucia Frangione is back with one of her award winning plays.  Every year is different at Pacific Theatre.  The defining and unifying feature of the plays is excellence and integrity.  Every year I have a favourite play though I've never not liked a performance. This year it was Common Grace.
The Christmas season performances are always special.  Stooge or Caribou Christmas or something else special.
They're all theatre at it's finest. Years later I'm still telling people about the Quilters, that Prairie play made from the letters the mail order brides sent back to Britain.  Another play, Chairs, documented the deaths in Vancouver from HIV, the tainted  blood transfusions, needles and bathhouses.  Such a rivetting performance.  They're from years ago.
But Pacific Theatre tackles those big plays, the Death of a Salesman type theatre, where the big questions are being asked in the way only theatre can.  There's something so alive in theatre that computers and televisions simply can't get near to. Human experience.  Acting out stories goes back to cave men 80,000 years ago.  Tragedy and Comedy.
And then there's the Christian perspective.  The ethical and moral considerations.
I love Pacific Theatre. I'm glad I've got my season's tickets already.

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