Saturday, May 28, 2016

Physician Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)

Physician Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)
- by William Hay

The slippery slope!!!::: (this is where Holland’s Euthanasia program quickly moved onto.)
Hi I’m your psychiatrist.  Please answer the following questions:
1) Would you like to kill yourself?
2) Would you like to do it yourself?
3) Would you like me to do it for you?
4) Have you a preferred method of death? Poison? Drowning? Hanging? Gunshot?
5) Would you like it done as a private affair? (That’s  cheapest).
6) Or would you prefer a public affair? (It generally costs more if you want politicians to attend.
They’ve become very expensive these days.)
7) How much time would you like to think about it? A few minutes?  A day. Or two?

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