Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trendy Belfast Murals

At the end of the political tour of Shankhil and Falls, Desmond, our Black Taxi Driver decided to show us what he called the ‘Trendy Belfast’.
“Here it’s even okay to be gay and live together."
He’d just been telling us that Catholics and Protestants did fall in love across the barriers but that they had to leave the Shankhill and Falls area because of the hostility between Catholics and Protestants in West Belfast.
“In the rest of Belfast it’s not at all so political.  The murals here are mostly about music and art. There are 30 or more bars in the area and people just love to come and socialize here.Here’s one mural in honour of Van Morrison.  You’ll recognize Bono too over here. There’s Liam Neeson."

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