Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dublin Arrival

“Don’t you think all these people here sound like they come from maritimes Canada.” I asked Laura as we waited to pass customs.

A handsome young man stamped our passports and wished us a lovely stay.  He had a marvellous lilt of an accent and looked like he might perform in the Riverdance evenings.  

The Airport Information service told us how to take the Airlink Double Decker Bus for 6 Euro each to downtown. We travelled along the River Liffey before arriving at our O’Connell street destination. I’d reserved rooms online at the Best Western Academy Hotel. 

After checking in we went for a walk about our neighbourhood where they had statues to Parnell and O’Connell great political figures of Ireland.  Ireland certainly seems to be political.

At St. Saviour’s Dominican Church we stopped to pray.  We both lit candles for our families and ancestors.  Laura’s grandparents were protestant and catholic while my grandfather was protestant.

I said to her, “Do you notice all the Catholics Churches are open while the Protestant Churches are chained and locked up."

“I did,” she said.

“I don’t think it’s likely people will steal from their own churches so that tells me that the Catholics are likely all thieves while the protestants are saints.”  Laura is Catholic and I’m Protestant.  She wasn’t having anything to do with my explanation of matter. 

“Catholics are in their churches everyday. "    

My grandfather was an Orangeman.  My saying prayers for him in a Catholic Church probably had him rolling over in his grave.

It’s hard to believe that Catholics and Protestants fought so horribly in the Troubles, godly fighting godly.  Today Christians and Catholics are persecuted by the atheist communists and Moslems.  There are even attempts at finding common ground between the Christian religions in the ongoing Ecumencial Movement.  


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