Thursday, June 25, 2015

Londonderry, Ireland's Wall City

We decided to see the Giant’s Causeway another visit.  Getting there would have meant doubling back from where we were. There is just too much to see on a single trip. Everywhere we turn there’s something else. We’d already decided to forego seeing most of the south of Ireland.  Having already made such cold hearted and calculating decisions about places like Limerick and Waterford, the Giant’s Causeway wasn’t so bad.
We drove onto Londonderry.  We’re still getting used to driving on the left hand side of the road.  Laura’s helpful screams “left, left’ are coupled with the occasional white knuckled wide driver opposite to me utterly unprepared for a game of car chicken, having really intended just to drive down the street for some milk or something.  I did a left circuit of Londonderry till I came round and saw City Hotel again and a parking lot.
I left Laura with the Citroen while I confirmed they had rooms and got us a night.  Very modern accommodation.  For once, faster reliable wifi.  Having unloaded our bags we made a brisk walk along the picturesque quayside.  The Quild Hall is truly impressive. I loved the red brick.  It was across from the wall of the city and boys were playing soccer using this great expanse of 16th century wall to kick their ball against.
We cross the Peace Bridge, a shiny modern architectural visually corkscrewing wonder. The other side seemed a bit dull and poor.  I like walking through a city as it gives a flavour.  It was evening and the shops were closed. Nothing much happening.  We crossed back on another bridge and crossed through a gate in the wall.  Walking up on the wall we saw cannons and the new construction going on by St. Columb church.  Outside the wall some young people had built a fire by a No Surrender sign. We bought Kebabs and ate this messy delicious feast watching tv in our room.
It was a pleasant first night in Londonderry.

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