Monday, June 22, 2015

Irish Rail - Dublin to Belfast

What a lovely train ride.  Laura and I enjoyed this very much. We had a table. They served coffee for me and sparkling water for Laura.  They had sandwiches as well but we were still full from the Academy Hotel breakfast.   The young girls across the aisle from us were having beer.  We used the washroom on board but they used it more.
I loved watching the sheep on the vivid green hills.  They truly are emerald.  Then there were stretches of coastline and everything one would expect from Ireland where Vikings came south to invade the land.  Wild seaside coupled with well groomed agricultural fields.
It was Laura’s first train ride.  I remembered Dad and Mom taking us on trains from Winnipeg to Toronto and Winnipeg to Vancouver when we were very young. I remember playing with toys on the carpeted fields. After that theres been so many trips.  The last was the end of the Orient Express jungle train from Singapore to Malaysia.
I love trains. The best toy a child could have was an electric train and here as an adult I’ve been blessed to ride them again and again.  I especially loved this train.
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