Sunday, June 28, 2015

Donegal Castle, lreland

We stopped at the Harbour Restaurant for dinner.  The clam chowder was excellent.  We loved the atmosphere and service.  Then we both had pizza.  Laura had a cheese and I had fish.  Now mine was a bit unusual, anchovy, shrimp etc but boy was it tasty.  Thin crust but ‘fish’. I’ve never had it before, usually settling for pepperoni but this was an experience and a very positive one indeed.

We then walked over to see Donegal Castle.  It was locked for the night so we couldn’t go it.  It was a lovely little drafty but well defended home for royalty beside a fast running stream.  It was evening and the shops were closed. This was God’s way of protecting us because Donegal Wool is famous and certainly i’d not resisted buying another sweater for sure.

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