Friday, June 5, 2015

Goat F**king

Often people become complacent with the insaniety and aburdity of what they are doing. To this end I encourage them to interchange the phrase they had been using for their behaviour with an alternative absurd expression, like “goat f**king”, “microwaving the baby” or some other equally inane phrase. This way they can again become aware of how their activity appears to others.
For instance I tell people, if you plan to smoke marijuana , or do heroin, you might well say to yourself, “I’m going to spend the day ‘goat f**king” and this way you will gain insight into how others would view your activity and remind yourself that perhaps you no longer want to be a ‘goat f**ker”. This cognitive behaviour therapy technique can be used effectively by you to change your thinking about something you’ve become immune to realizing is ignorant, absurd and socially reprehensible.
Normal people don’t ‘f**k goats”. Normal people don’t smoke or accept violence against women or a variety of things that may have become normal in your isolated parochial way of thinking. Even if relatively normal people get together in a Saturnalian rite on a full moon hundreds of years ago in some historical textbooks, they only ‘f**ked goats” as a community activity maybe once a year. They didn’t “f**k goats” all day long and for sure they had done their homework and cleaned their rooms before they got together with the medicine man and chief and their parents and everyone else was there when they all got together and ‘f**ked goats”. They didn’t let it interfere with major things like jobs and fighting wars and finding food and raising families.
They didn’t call themselves ‘artists’ and say that ‘artists’ are “goat f**kers” because frankly artists aren’t and real artists don’t like to be referred to as “goat f**kers”. They have more self respect and consider art a serious business like flying space shuttles and doing neurosurgery. Real artists do art rather than ‘f**k goats”. They know if they don’t do real art they might well f**k goats so they practice their art to the highest level of possibility. They associate with the most disciplined and accomplised artists of their day.
So if you’re thinking of smoking marijuana, shooting up heroin or beating the kids or robbing banks or alternatively becoming a corrupt banker or politician or beaurocrat and robbing little guys you might want mentally rephrase the activity. This time whenever you think of doing something utterly stupid like smoking or being a dickwad you can ask yourselves seriously ‘do you want to be a ‘goat f**ker” and really from a cognitive behaviour therapeutic sort of place, do you really want to be a “goat f**cker” today.

Seriously you don’t have to ‘f**ck goats” and people collectively and individually will think better of you. You will think better of yourself if you’re not a ‘goat f**ker”. But remember there are always other people who will encourage you to ‘f**k goats” because they often make money selling goats to idiots who don’t realize that they are nothing more than ‘goat f**kers”.