Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vancouver TENT CITY

Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver is now TENT City.  After Occupy Vancouver with countless civilly  disobedient or just 'above the law' people living rent free in downtown Vancouver, TENT City, another 'rent free vacation development'  has sprung up.  "Activists" need vacations too.
Vancouver ‘real estate’ is so expensive that most working people in Vancouver cannot ‘own’ property.   The DTES is to Vancouver like the centre of London, or Paris, or Manhatten. It is the most expensive, most desirable real estate in British Columbia, certainly Canada and perhaps the NorthWest.  Nearby 800 square foot condos are priced at a half million a year.
In Oppenheimer Park, dozens and dozens of 100's square foot tents are enjoying the glorious summautumn in Vancouver.  One of my favourite beaches is three blocks away.  China Town is but a couple of blocks away.  There a lovely walk ways and all manner of conveniences within steps from this park that has it’s own washroom facility in addition the porta potty arrangements that the city has provided. Public transportation connects this central 'hub' of the city to all of Downtown Vancouver.  There is a quick trade in stolen bicycles in this area as well expanding the possibilities of urban community luxury living. People are discouraged from doing drugs and alcohol in Tent City but there is really no need since there's a high density of bars in the area desperate for the 'welfare cheques' issues every 2 weeks for housing.  Free food is provided throughout the community by every manner of charitable organization.
Nearby , a block away, is Main and Hastings.  This is the most notorious of thoroughfares in the city.  During ‘rush hour’ traffic all the city’s north Vancouver commute along with other streams of commuters go through this ‘choke’ point.  Every day drug addicted ‘zombies’ stagger about on Hastings proudly disregarding cross walks and even an extra traffic light to reduce ‘dangerous’ jay walking, dancing seizing and jeering masses some of who now sleep off their party time in TENT City.
No fences have been put up to curtail the flagrant disregard for law and proud disrespect for the police but instead Mayor Robertson has ‘punished’ all the working commuters by reducing the traffic speed through this “drug city” zone to 30 km/hr. He has even provided bike lanes in the district for the easy commutes by those who flee police on their stolen bicycles.
If a walking zombie hits your car and is injured you will, and people have been charged with assault or even manslaughter.  Indeed there are even those who appear as zombies but walk into cars to feign assault and collect the high insurance premiums off the working legitimate law abiding folk of Vancouver.   Mayor Robertson hates law abiding working citizens especially those  who drive cars and this daily survive this futuristic drug infested  "obstacle course’ , his murky idea ‘enlightened' urban planning.
Tens of thousands of Vancouver workers, unable to afford to live in Vancouver, but working in Vancouver, drive their cars past this DTES holiday vacation centre reserved by the Mayor for ecstatic zombie jerking staggering drug users and their exaltant drug dealer priests.
In the centre of this section is the Safer Injection Site “Insite”, a bastille for the heroin trade where anyone can walk in with their street bought adulterated high priced heroin and shoot up with the prettiest,  youngest high paid nurses and assistants watching them so that for this one time they can be safe and the world of youth in Canada can believe injecting heroin is a 'safe' alternative to the 'natural high' of life.  For years this Safer Injection Site has been in the news distracting all public attention from the crime that it fosters and the heavy death toll it's perpetuation of heroin addiction supports.  Years too late it has now introduced a 'detox' site 'window dressing' to maintain it's stronghold on the centre of the DTES where it's Cathedral of Drug Addiction crucifies anyone who questions it's 'validity'.
 There has been literally no ‘change’ in the number of deaths as a consequence of this multi million dollar media ‘drug culture’ celebration centre.  The ‘research’ is suspect at best and highly embarrassing despite it's left wing popularity. The whole ‘centre’ is not science but wholly politics and religion. This is  ‘church of heroin’s’ central cathedral.
Tent city Is three blocks away.  Drugs are discouraged in TENT City.  Heroin addicts must walk down   the centre of Hastings Street disrupting traffic through Main disrupting traffic up one block and over two.  All the while drug dealers, the high priests of the drug culture religion, watch over them and  kowtow with corrupt officials in the Downtown Eastside.
We are still looking for the millions of dollars that Vancouver Coastal Health Officials gave the Portland Hotel Society leadership.  Linda Evans and Mark Townsend, the defrocked Cardinals of the DTES drug trade, laying low in their million dollar Vancouver homes having taken the fall for NEST of the Drug Addicted Religion of the DTES.  Jenny Quan, the NDP leader who was caught red handed with tens of thousands of dollars of bribe and kickback money which “my husband and the dingo made me take” has reappeared after her vacation after her Disneyland vacation.
Mayor Robinson promised housing for the DTES.  Vancouver Coastal Health and others after taking their cut for handling money, gave this to Portland Hotel Society.  Portland Hotel Society naturally did make a few spaces available at high cost of development and maintenance, government costs similar to the defence industry, but the short fall that went to UPTOWN Housing for Linda Evans and Mark Townsend and their Nest is why TENT CITY exists. Why these people are in Oppenheimer Park and not in the backyard of Mark Townsend, Linda Evans and Jenny Quan makes no sense.  Indeed, why the tents aren’t on the NDP headquarters property is a major concern. The NDP leadership was using the housing money for trips to Disneyland. Why spend Canadian dollars in Canada when it’s so much more fun to spend them out of the country where there are fewer witnesses.
People complain about the number of prisons and the for profit prisons of the United States but those working and living and paying rent or owning property in the DTES often express the sentiment that they're living in the prison.  If not a prison, then certainly an Asylum.
Some say Tent City will go when the Vancouver Monzoons come.  The activists won't want to be there when the lawns destroyed by the tents turn to mud.
 Heroin use is rising in young Canadians.  Canada has the greatest percentage of young people in the western world using pot. An adolescent using pot daily is 60 times less likely to complete high school than a drug free student.  Holland and Amsterdam have outlawed BC Bud.  Portugal has reduced it’s drug addiction by rigid ‘treatment’ requirements, decriminalization, but heavy ‘requirement for treatment’.  Sending people to jail doesn’t work. Look at Mark Emory. He’s grown rich on pot sales.  Had he been mandated to a drug free, urine tested,  2 year treatment program all the research suggests that even he might be abel to experience  a ‘natural high’ . As it is there are no John Denver songs being sung in TENT CITY. Marc Emory is running for Liberal Leadership alongside the smoking Liberal Leader Justin Troudeau and his smoking mother and smoking' wife.
Personally i’m too old for TENT CITY.   With the rising cost of gas and the commute , moving an RV into Oppenheimer Park seems like the only way for me.  Old People and maybe Vets for protection might well benefit from a downtown RV City.   Everyone wants to live in Vancouver. Most pay millions to have the privilege but why bother when you can do it for free with all manner of amenities  most working folk in Vancouver have difficulty affording.
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