Thursday, September 25, 2014


Thank you God for this day. Thank you for the rain that will water the plants that are so lush and green. Thank you for Climate Change, the seasons, the colours, the impermanence of life. Thank you for ‘this too shall pass’ and for the silliness and absurdity of youth. Thank you for the beauty of youth. Thank you for the joys of growing older and reflection on the silliness, absurdity and beauty. Thank you for Gilbert, the Cockapoo and Eva, the Cockapoo.  And thank you for hunters and hunting seasons . Thank you for the hurt and shame and the recovery from hurt and shame. Thank you for the remembrance of depression, my parents difficult times and the lessons of ‘this too shall pass’. Thank you for the well being of all those who are up now and for those that are down, This too shall pass. Thank you for the love and care and good fortune I have known, the sunshine after night and the moments of realization in the days of despair. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for the peace and quiet after the loud and threatening. Thank you for love and friends and relatives. Thank you for all those things that help me to look to what I can be and point me to the best not just the good. Help me to be all I can be. Help me to serve. Help me overcome that lapse to fear and the desire to suck on the tit of self pity. Help me think less of myself and more of others. Help me to be more present.  Thank you for all your blessings.

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