Monday, September 15, 2014


Thank you God for your existence. I know it’s been said that if God did not exist humans would have to invent you. But given the delay in synapse I know I’m nanoseconds behind experience so that makes you first in my books.  I’m very grateful for this life. Reading Richard Rohr I’m reflecting again on attachment and addiction. It could be said that I’m addicted to this life from a spiritual perspective. This world is not the real world, just a temporary detour from the infinity of knowing you more closely, more really. But I’m learning that all is as it should be. There are no ‘mis-takes’.  There is no dress rehearsal for life. The only problem is my being the ‘chief critic’.  I’m way to critical of myself and others.  I’m even critical of my critical self.  There’s joy to know and have. I have all the tools for constant revelry.  There are miracles every moment. I can live in the sacred or the mundane.  If I walk with you I am there already.  Let me remember to know you in all my endeavours. Remind me of your presence if ever I enter that dark and lonely place.  Help me overcome my countless fears and worries. Help me to be more loving and more kind. Help me with my schedule and sense of overwhelming responsibilities and the time tables that are influenced by so many others and seem wholly beyond my control. Help me with staffing issues and with organization. Help me with finances and budgeting and getting the best deals rather than throwing money at problems and people to have them go away or be quiet.  Help me find more serenity. Help me be more with you and less with the world. I would find you with in.  Thank you for the Newsboys song, “Gods not dead, he’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion”.  Roar. Roar. Hallelulelujah.  Today I read the Morning Prayers from the Book of Common Prayers. Thank you for the times of prayer and meditation and worship. Thank you for the sense of peace and calm I feel in those places set aside for worship.  Help me to carry this ‘ease’ with me throughout my day. Help to “pray unceasingly’ as Paul taught.  Help me to always have one foot in the divine if not all of me.  Help me to be present in the now where you are.  Help me to avoid living in the past and future but help me to be connected with you in the infinity known as now.  May I love more deeply.  May I be more available for the duties and tasks before me. Guide me in all my decisions.  Be with me in every moment of my day. Thank you for the sunshine. Thank you for the air we breath. Thank you for scents of flowers and trees. Thank you for the city and automobiles and offices  and desks and phones and computers and lunch and coffee breaks. Thank you for the sense of connectedness. Help me over come my tendency to self pity. Help me over come that addiction to ego and self pity. Help me to rise above my downward spin cycle. Help me to be ever in your celebration. Thank you for the shadows and hues. Thank you for the sights and sounds. Thank you for the mystery. Thank you for the beautiful people. Thank you for breasts and smiles.  Thank you for legs and shoes. Thank you for dresses and slacks.  Thank you for bicycles and motorcycles. Thank you for Gilbert my cockapoo. Thank you for all the dogs in the building where I work. Thank you for my fingers and toes. Thank you for this Life Lord. May I serve you more truly.  Thank you.

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