Saturday, September 20, 2014

Caffe Rustico - Mount Pleasant

What a lovely dinner, Laura and I had at Caffee Rustico.  Laura had come to help out at the office with Gilbert and I and my staffing problems.  So after an afternoon of work I suggested we stop for dinner.  Thinking of places we liked, both of us remembered Caffee Rustico.  It was as good as ever. The owner is a delight. “It’s so Italian,” said Laura, “Just like I remember our time in Italy.” she said.  It really is. The pasta is to die for. The coffee particularly special, if not unique.  A friend of the owner was there and when we raved about the pasta he said, “I’m from the same district. That’s how our mother’s and father’s made pasta when we were growing up.”
I love Vancouver for the best of ethnic fare. Just a simple inexpensive dinner on Main Street with a friend and dog, very busy dog watching, made for a lovely end to a hard working day. Thank you Caffe Rustico. The food, service, and ambience was superb!IMG 6500IMG 6501IMG 6503IMG 6502

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