Friday, September 12, 2014


Thank you for waking me, Lord.  Thank you for the little guy whose head rested across my feet. Thank you for the sunshine pouring through the windows, lighting the room. Thank you for Gilbert’s toy obstacle course on the kitchen floor.  Thank you for indoor plumbing. Thank you for Emmett Fox. Thank you for prayer and meditation. Thank you for the little guy’s paw on my knee interrupting my meditation and reminding me to play.   Thank you for the gas stove and stove top expresso maker. Thank you for coffee. Thank you for granola, milk and honey. Thank you for MacBook Air and Wind internet. Thank you for the letters from friends and family. Thank you for my brother and sister in laws joy in their cottage home stead acreage and year round second home. Thank you for my nephews having more places of warmth and love. I remember how good it felt, stabilizing, and centring, to visit my mom and dad.  I like the idea of my brother’s family gathering in the city and by the lakeshore.  Thank you for work and the glorious help I’ve had this last two weeks.  Thank you for the passing of several crisis. Thank you for my training in ’this too shall pass’ and learning not to catastrophize and become hysterical in my mind about all the myriad threats to peace and existence that pop up and must be dealt with. Thank you for helping me through the countless tasks beyond the countless task I must do just to get through a days work. Thank you for my capacity to help others. Thank you for my years of training and experience. Thank you for the little glimpses of wisdom you show my cleverness. Thank you for holding back the pain. Thank you for the hot tub and swimming pool and doctors and education.  Thank you for mechanics and engines and transportation. Thank you for the harvest moon. Thank you for the autumn night fragrances. Thank you for women, ladies and girls. Thank you for the good guys. Thank you for those that go before. Thank you for this body with it’s functionality and sensuality. Thank you for love and life. Thank you for uplifting inspirational moments. Thank you for my friends on Facebook. Thank you for the Russian Brides advertisement that came today, so very clever like a ponzi scheme but oh what an amusing advertisement.  Thank you for the excellent enjoyable television last night, NCIS at it’s finest.  Forgive me for laughing at the guys and all the difficulties with multiple ex wives.  Thank you for Gibbs.  Thank you for the opening of hunting season.  Thank you for the opportunity to leave the city for a day and range through the wilderness with my faithful cockapoo companion. Thank you for Recovery Day Saturday. Thank you for church and celebration of community and spirit. Thank you for warmth and heaters and cozy beds. Thank you for the long sleep last night and the lovely dreams. Thank you for the time with friends and family. Thank you for my fingers and toes. Thank you for positive outcomes. Thank you hot showers, soap and clean clothes. Thank you for another day I’ll be able to wear no socks and sandals before the winter comes. Thank you for the Franklin discovery. Thank you for the lowering of taxes for small business.  Thank you for the easing of tension in the middle east. Thank you for hope for the school situation. Thank you that so much construction that was clogging the city is completing. Thank you for the work on my boat and truck.  Thank you for workers. Thank you for all those who would rather work than be idle. Thank you for those who would rather entertain than be entertained. Thank you for the givers. Thank you for the banks and stocks and investments and growth and development and science and discovery and the missions to Mars and the exploration of Europa and the finding of life in the lakes under Antartica. Thank you for the unfolding findings of functional MRI’s, PETScans and the antibacterial findings in the bee’s stomach.  Thank you for all the new medications and healing compounds. Thank you for the advances in prosthetics and cyborg connections of limbs to nerves.  Thank you for all the promise. Thank you for opera and ballet. Thank you for bicycles and motorcycles. Thank you for my miata and my truck. Thank you for this little abode where I have all I need if not all I want. Thank you for desire and the suffering it brings. Thank you for reminding me I’m alive. Thank you for choice. Thank you for lips and eyes and nipples and bellies and genitals and thighs and sweat and digestion and armpits and elbows. Thank you for tennis balls and dog dishes. Thank you for refrigerators and cans and sinks and all the myriad of inventions that over the year have made life more beautiful and intricate.  Thank you also for tents and sleeping bags and the contrasts between times in wilderness and times in city homes.  Thank you for the colours and change and variety and similarities. Thank you for hide and seek and games and songs of childhood. Thank you for this day.  Help me to be best the best man I can be. Help me to do the best work I can. Help me to help others. Thank you for St. Francis. May I remember his words throughout my day and be a channel for love not hate. Thank you Lord. Thank you.

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