Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ulyanovsk Fire Station and Museums

Barrett’s friend Natashya joined us for the planned afternoon museum tour. In addition to the Lenin houses the whole neighbourhood is a series of State Funded Museums.  These are period pieces and have presentations and guides.  The first place we took in was a  local store with all the items and products that would have been present in the 1800’s.  While we were there Barrett’s father in law physician joined us.
After that we moved onto the Fire Hall.  A great fire had destroyed much of downtown Simbirsk (the original name for Ulyanovsk).  I liked the water tank on sleds. This barrel was the smallest used. In addition there was a truck from the Soviet era, one of only 5 in existence, the others in other museums. There was a great fire bell in each station to ring the alarm.  The horses were kept there and the men slept there. At first there were volunteers then later there were full time positions. I would have volunteered for the impressive hat.
 Each firestation had a tower which was manned with a look out.  As technology advanced telephone communications took over.
I was impressed to see my Ural Side Car Motorcycle as part of the display. I told everyone how Gilbert, my cockapoo had ridden beside me in that just a couple of years ago.  They’re still being made but while the frames are Russian made the brakes and gears are made in Italy and Japan.
Oh yea, I forgot, I took a picture of a particularly impressive building and a man came out and told me I couldn’t take pictures. He wasn’t happy.  Barrett and Natashya told me it was the new equivalent of the old KGB building. I remembered having the same reaction when I took a picture of the FBI building.  I really think these agencies that don’t want their buildings photographed should get humbler digs.  The architecture of this building was magnificent and I had no idea that it was verboten.

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