Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia

Thanks to Barrett I found my way to the ticket office of the Bolshoi, got my ticket with the paper I’d printed off from ordering tickets on line, then got to the right entrance.
The theatre is magnificent. I’d passed it several times before walking around the Red Square Area.  I thought then it might be the Bolshoi but wasn’t sure. There are several grand theatres and many impressive buildings in the immediate vicinity.  The horses atop it make it unforgettable now for me.  Inside it was also truly elegant.
I had an expresso in the Beethoven Room cafe.  Then I took a seat for the opera.  It really was a thrill. I’d heard so much about this theatre, starting back in my 20’s.  When I danced I heard of it from other dancers.  I had the great honour of meeting Baryshnikov of White Nights fame when he danced at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  To this day he remains the greatest male dancer I've ever seen.
Later I’d have patients from Russia who had performed in the Bolshoi.   I even knew someone who had played in the symphony.  Not only is it graced with the greatest performers the building has it's own intrinsic greatness.
At first I’d tried to get tickets to the Pushkin ballet playing right now. A time sensitive glych with Visa verification meant I missed the last ticket.  That was almost three months before the show too.  I remember my doctor friend who told me in Milan she’d had to order her opera tickets there three months in advance.  I was really fortunate to get one of the last tickets to this opera.
The opera was called “In the Mood for Opera” and seemed to be a selection of famous performances tied together in a delightful story that appealed as much to kids as adults. There were movies playing across the back drop and these tied in with the dialogue.  Obviously there was a love story. What would opera be without a love story.
The orchestra was superb too. The director even participated in the acting, all the while conducting.  It definitely had its funny moments. I loved that the father who sat beside me had brought his young son. There were dozens of older children with their parents. Lots of mother daughter combinations.  What wonderful parents.
When the soprano first sang I had tears well in my eyes. I didn’t understand a word she sang but her voice was simply angelic.  I loved all five singers  really. I loved the costume, the set, the orchestra's costume. I simply loved everything.  I couldn’t read the Russian script. I even had to ask Barrett later if a word meant soprano.  The bass was a delightful character as well as having the
 most powerful voice and funniest part.  The tenor and soprano duet was so beautifully touching. More tears too.  The little girl in front of me was wiping her eyes with her sleeve. But that’s opera. Mostly I just loved feeling those perfect voices wash over me.  Despite not knowing a word of what was going on, which isn’t unusual for opera, I couldn’t think of anything but the beauty of the voices.  There truly is something about mastery and greatness.  There in the Bolshoi Theatre I heard it and experienced it.  What a privilege?
God’s grace. Voices that came as close to the music of the spheres as humanly possible.

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