Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eve Lazarus and Canadian Authors Association

Eve Lazarus is not only a brilliant and talented journalist she's extremely attractive and a very articulate  and captivating story teller.
Margot Bates, president of our Vancouver CAA branch,  introduced her at the latest monthly Canadian Authors Association meeting at the Howe Streets Arts Alliance.  Jean Kay had just announced our short story writer contest with cash prizes and called for material for this years Anthology.

Eve Lazarus, a truly professional writer and award winning business writer, is author of several books. These are Sensational Vancouver, Sensational Victoria, At Home with History, Life and Art of Frank Molnar, and Frommer's with Kids Vancouver.

Her idea, which isn't all that novel  after you've heard it, (like so many great ideas) was that houses have stories. Being a great researcher she hunted through archives and libraries and actually visited owners, and sons and granddaughters of owners. This gave rise to "At Home with History: The Secrets of Greater Vancouver's Heritage Homes."  In British Columbia, especially Victoria and Vancouver, we have a variety of grand old mansions and unusual little cottages with the most intriguing histories.  Eve Lazarus wrote about the mysteries that occurred in some, the scandals in others.  Sometimes she about  ghosts, sometimes murders, or sometimes, just the famous people that made a house history. One thing lead to another after her first book on houses.  Her latest book is Sensational Vancouver with lots more pictures. She even developed a tourist map of the Emily Carr house and environs. 

I liked her stories of the ships captains, rum runners, rock musicians, gun toting politicians and famous sons.  She's such a gifted raconteur that I found myself thinking that listening to her was like be at a house party with perhaps Mark Twain, the Bronte Sisters  and Edgar Allen Poe thrown in for good measure.  Sensational!

Another great night for writers at the Canadian Authors Association, Vancouver Branch.

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