Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ulyanovsk Art Gallery

Barrett and I walked to Ulyanovsk’s Art Gallery. On the way we passed little horses presumably waiting to be ridden by kiddies as well as bicycle rentals. The city crews were out working on the lovely gardens overlooking the Volga. We’d opted for the Art Gallery because they had Dali and Picasso.  “Quite the show for a little town, wouldn’t you say,” commented Barrett. Indeed.  What we found out though was that the ticket to the art gallery excluded the Dalli and Picasso Room.  I was happy to shell out the extra but Barrett thought the one room charge exorbitant.  She went for a walk in the park while I did the one room realizing immediately that Barrett wouldn’t have liked it anyway. She’s not much on terribly abstract. This was Dali at his most abstract. Bits of bodies and flies and such. Mostly they were pencil and paper sketches of both greats as if they were from their art books.  I liked the selection.  They didn’t allow photographs. t also liked the art in the other exhibit too.  They they let me photograph.DSCN2157DSCN2158DSCN2159DSCN2160DSCN2161DSCN2162DSCN2165DSCN2164DSCN2167DSCN2168DSCN2170DSCN2171

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