Friday, June 20, 2014

North Vancouver - Friday Night - Boating and Market

Gilbert and I took the little boat with the 20 Hp Honda to scoot across Coal Harbour to Lonsdale Quay.  A great evening for boating. At the Quay the Market was happening.  Lots of food vendors and craft tables.  I had the Grilled Cheese special and really enjoyed it. Wall to wall children. Great kid fiddlers I gave loonie too.  A whole level of dogs and children filled the space beneath the adult layer.  Great blue grass feet stomping and hand clapping band, Rosco.  

I had a coffee on the Quay writing a blog about my sailboat’s engine.  Dusk came. I didn’t have my boat lights with me.  Didn’t even have Gilbert’s life jacket. It’s on the SV GIRI up on land having a new engine installed.  I remembered thought that as kids we’d never had life jackets for our dogs and they’d survived.  I just took more caution driving.  We headed back to the boat.  A pleasant ride across Coal Harbour with the big boat’s lights coming on like stars.  A lovely evening.  

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