Friday, May 30, 2014

Volga River Boat Cruise, Ulyanovsk, Russia

I don’t know why but I learned the Volga Boatmen song as a child. I think it was because the music was simple for early instrument learning. But the Volga Boatmen were ingrained in my brain. What a rush to be here in Ulyanovsk.  Barrett and I had toured the Lenin Centre in town and met with her friend, Victor.  First he took us for great shiskabob. Then we arrived an hour early for the boat tour so got to walk about looking at boats. I found a steel hulled sailing ship quite similar to mine. Missed my sailboat and looked forward to sailing again soon.  We were joined with a group of children and more of the 4 inch heel wearing Russian model women.  I had a great time on the boat. The bridge built first at the turn of the century is quite the accomplishment. The width of the river here is a product of damming upstream for power. When the cruise ended, I walked down the bank and plunged my hand in the water cupped some in my hand and sipped it’s cool sweet taste.  Marvellous.  This huge river is the Mississippi of Russia. IMG 5071DSCN2028DSCN2029DSCN2031DSCN2033DSCN2034DSCN2036DSCN2040DSCN2039DSCN2043DSCN2047DSCN2051DSCN2053DSCN2056DSCN2058DSCN2059DSCN2069DSCN2075DSCN2076DSCN2078DSCN2082

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