Friday, May 9, 2014

Turning Point Recovery Society 7th Annual Gala

Matthew Perry was awesome. What an inspiration.  I loved him on Friends. I took the DVD with me when I solo sailed 25 days through  winter storms Vancouver to Hawaii.  Each night I’d watch an episode of Friends as I ate my supper after battening down. The laughter lifted my spirits before the long dark scary watch. I’m forever thankful to Friends and Matthew Perry for that.
Now here he was, live, hilarious,  so very truthful, sincere and moving. And he grew up in Ottawa. Who would have guessed!
Brenda Plant, Executive Director, spoke of the work for addicts and alcoholics in recovery the gold standard Turning Point Recovery Society does. Their work in Richmond is applauded by all, Premier Christy Clark’s support was written on the front page of the evenings brochure.  So many dignitaries had turned out from Richmond and North Vancouver.  So many people whose lives had been lost and saved had shown community, politicians and families that support for Turning Point paid true dividends in lives.  Now a number of societies have joined together for an even larger housing centre for clean safe housing in Richmond. Over a hundred new units.  The North Vancouver Turning Point house for women is nearly completed.  Last year it was on the night of the Gala just being announced.
The amazing auctioneer promoted this complex raising thousands.  Westjet Raffle for two tickets return to any destination was a favourite.  River Rock Casino shows.  Elton John Tickets.  Whistler getaway.  So many incredible donations from sponsors and contributions from individuals in the community. What a great way to support community. Turning Point Gala was a white table cloth affair with Matthew Perry talking about the remarkable work of Drug Court and the success of Abstinence Recovery.  Abstinence based recovery rocks! 12 step programs. Recovery Houses. AA.  It was all there tonight.  I loved the silent auction.  I didn’t get the opera tickets I’d bid on but I got Theatre Sports and Fire Hall Theatre performances.  I’ve Pat Benatar tickets for a friend who loves her.
We missed Malcolm. He was there in spirit. His friends were present.  Brenda remembered him in kind words.  His memory was every where in design.
I was surrounded by friends at my table.  Good friends.  What a blessing friends are.  What a joy it was to be brought together by a chance to support Turning Points helping  addicts and alcoholics seeking help at last.  Only weeks before I’d sat on a panel with Brenda Plant and heard up close her speaking her heart out for the lost and homeless.  Here she was putting her life into her love for Recovery.
The Four Seasons food and service was five star as usual.  I loved that the Attorney General spoke of her appreciation that Turning Point made her job easier.   Health Minister Terry Lake couldn’t be there but sent his regards.  The RCMP were present in red Serge.  All the  women out did themselves , the best dressed Gala event of the Vancouver seasons..  Sparkle and glamor and men in suits and evening ties, though only with my generation. All the young guys wore crew neck sweaters under their better tailored better fitted suits.  I saw faces among the older set who’d come like I had for seven years. I've loved everyone of these nights for its special uniqueness and the extraordinary contributions.  I loved that Matthew Perry had built a Malibu Recovery House for men.
Thank you red dressed beautiful blond, sensitive, intelligent, television personality, Randene.  Thank you Brenda Plant, a real moving force for recovery. . Thank you Matthew Perry. You’re so very young with so much life ahead of you and so many women thinking you look better than Rob Lowe. Not what they said when he was here. But don't forget to tell him how you've changed their minds.   I really do look forward to your new Odd Couple sit com.  But most of all thank you Turning Point for all the lives you save.IMG 5222IMG 5225IMG 5227

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