Friday, May 23, 2014

Red Square Moscow at Night

Moscow nights are very attractive. If I thought the young women were fetching and fashionable during the day. When night comes on they do a quantum leap into the colourful and dedicated. I truly believe it’s that the mythical fashionable French women are outdone these days by their Moscovite cousins.  Some hundreds of years since the Russians became enamoured with the beauty of the Parisian vixens the Moscovite women have equalled if not surpassed them. At nigh they congregate with lucky young men in the Red Square, many men taking pictures of their fashion model lovers.  Meanwhile I was taking pictures of the square and the lights and the beauty of the state buildings and the cathedral.  It really is a sight to remember.  And how satisfying that lovers and families come here to wander, embrace and even sometimes to kiss.  DSCN1101DSCN1103DSCN1099DSCN1100DSCN1104DSCN1115DSCN1117DSCN1118DSCN1097DSCN1112DSCN1107

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