Sunday, May 18, 2014

Clyde Hall Bed and Breakfast, Lanark

Andrew and Tanya Hay’s  wedding at the Canada Club overflowed with guests with children,  out of town folk and young people wanting to stay up late. Tanya’s parents, Brent and Lois, drove to their nearby home. Others returned to Ottawa.  Adell, wisely, booked Ron and I and herself in the nearby Lanark town's, Clyde Hall Bed and Breakfast.  

As pre arranged we arrived at midnight. My brother and I were attired in Hunting Hay Tartan kilts and Black Argyll Jackets,  Adell, mother of the groom wore a beautiful Savannah dress with deep mauve shawl   We definitely looked like the Lords and Lassie who might have climbed this rich staircase before us. 

There was tittle time to appreciate the luxurious abode, though. My room was sweet indeed.  The bed, so comfortable and the wedding day so long, that I was soon fast asleep.

 In the morning we enjoyed the coffee and fine breakfast.  A Toronto cellist and pianist joined our table.   I couldn’t convince either to play even with the manor’s piano only steps away.   Clyde Hall was truly an elegant abode with lovely hospitality.

Leaving, Adell commented that the Manor was adjacent the golf course.

"Wouldn’t it be nice to stay a few days and play the course,” she said.  

“Where’d we put our clubs with all the wedding ‘stuff’ in the trunk,” Ron replied.

“Not today, another time.”  she said. “ 

“Oh,” he replied.  “Of course”.

My thoughts exactly. 

Scots settled the area about, Adell told me,  which explained  the road names,  like  Old Tay and Scottish Way.  I loved the heavy coated Scottish cattle we saw in nearby fields. There were also those strong  little Scottish ponies  that figured so prominently in the escapes of Robert the Bruce.  


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