Thursday, May 8, 2014

Angels and Demons - the movie

I don’t know how I missed this movie. I’ve tears in my eyes watching it’s ending.  I love Dan Brown and have read all his books one after another as they were published. Were that there were more.  The movie with Tom Hanks directed by Ron Howard does the book justice.  How long ago did I read it.  Years now.  Yet the movie has come and I’d missed it.
Thanks to Netflix I’ve now seen it.  Situated in Vatican City the plot of intrigue and terrorism and ancient symbols, mystery and detectives is truly inspired. Having been there and seen the Sistene Chapel, the works of Rafael and Bernini I was even more moved by the beauty of the movie.  Rome is such a grand and wondrous city. The Vatican it’s crowning glory.  A city and country of it’s own I remember buying stamps when Laura and I were there, before Gilbert. some 5 years ago, I guess.  I had the opportunity to attend the International Society of Addiction Medicine in Milan so was able to add on the trip to Rome.  I’m so thankful that I did.
Seeing this movie with it’s celebration of church and science and the men and women that straddle the great divide and atonement, I feel the movie is blessed.  Tom Hanks is of course one of the truly gifted actors of our day.  The multifaceted Ewan McGregor also stars as does the beautiful intelligent Ayelet Zurer, playing so well a physicist in search of the God particle, dabbling in anti matter. I loved the performances of Stellan Skasgaard as Commander of the colourful devoted Swiss Guard and Pierfrancesco Favion as Inspector Olivetti.  Nikolaj Lie Kaas was a particularly good assassin while Armin Mueller- Stahl was simply perfect as Cardinal Strauss. But all the acting was stellar. What a set the Vatican is, each of the churches where I knelt and prayed amidst the greatest art and sculpture of the ages.
This movie is art worthy of the scene.
Thank you all for the making of this inspired creation.  Angels and Demons is truly illuminating.

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