Monday, July 18, 2011

Surrey Sussex Road, British Columbia

Driving from Salmon Arm  to Kamloops on #1 we loved the scenery and views. Incredible lake country of Shuswap with rolling green hills changed slowly to  dry brown tumbleweed strewn escarpments with sweet smells of sage.  We passed Sorrento with it's conference centre where the Anglican Church holds retreats.  On the motorcycle ride on #97  I'd passed the Round Lake Treatment Centre which serves the native population so well.  This whole area is God's Country.  We stopped at the Gateway truck stop before Kamloops. This is RV paradise with diesel, propane, water and sani stop, lots of of room for rigs,  well stocked market, and the Billy Miner Restaurant where we had a homungus all day breakfast for $7.50 each.  Maybe it was the big meal but heading down to Merritt on the scenic Lac la Jeune road I felt  tired.  There was a turn around at the Surrey Sussex Forest Service Road and I just pulled over parked and our committee of three decided that this was just fine.  I don't like driving pulling an RV tired.  It's amazing how many places one can just pull off the road and camp for a night. Beats putting up a tent.  Outside our door was a garden of wild flowers.  Pretty soon the storm clouds hit us too with heavy rain hammering the camper while we sat inside watching further episodes of Sons of Anarchy on dvd enjoying pan fried turkey, potatoes and carrots.  The only downside was when it was time again to take Gilbert for a walk, he quickly became a mud ball.  He thought getting towelled down back in the the trailer was a great game but couldn't understand why we still didn't want to snuggle with a wet dirty dog.   I turned off the generator and we had the sleep of the good. This morning Gilbert and I out DSC 0170walking found new deer tracks fresh after last nights rain.  The sun was up for a while before clouds rolled in.  We'll be packing up and heading back to Vancouver today.
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