Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sturges North 2011 & Dr. Hook

I rode the Honda 230 to Sturges North. I really wanted a sticker that said "my other bike is a Harley Electraglide".  I think it was the smallest bike in the line up. I put it near a Honda Goldwing in hope someone thought it was a baby that had tagged along. There were alot of big Harleys, some touring BMW's, and big Kawasakis and Yamahas.  It was a big biker event.  I traded my online ticket in for a bracelet but they couldn't give me Laura's.  It almost proved a problem because at night they were closing up at 10 pm when she came along for the concert.  In the morning I'd bought the t shirts. "You're our first Sturges t shirt sale at the grounds", the biker babe told me as I got xlarge for me and medium for Laura.  Having found the place and figured my way around for coming back in the dark I headed into town.  Salmon Arm was filling up with bikes.  They even had a shuttle bus going to the all day stripper Outlaw Saloon. Shuttle buses ran to the parking lots and down town venues, a great solution to avoid drinking and driving on motorcyles. I stopped for coffee and a breakfast bagel when the skies opened. Then I sneaked back to Pierre's Point Campground to have the mandatory afternoon snooze in preparation for an 11 pm to 1 am concert.  Bands were playing all day but Laura wanted to see Dr. Hook.  There was a huge thunderstorm in the afternoon with hail even then thankfully the rain let up and skies cleared just before we headed out at 10 pm.  We took the Ford 350 Harley Davidson Diesel truck given the iffyness of the skies.  But the rain had ended.  At the fairgrounds people were sitting on the lawn or had brought folding chairs. I laid out the poncho then got Laura and I some coffee and grain fed beef jerky.  Azzkkrr Custom Bikes had the best exhibits. Then Ray Sawyer came on. The crowd exploded. Dr. Hook was a blast.  Laura's favourite was "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman" and "Staying the Night Together."  The moon was magnificent over the fairground. I loved when Ray Sawyer screamed "We love you William and Kate!" Then he rode right into "Cover of the Rolling Stone" to a roar of applause.  The bikers went wild.  What a great opening headliner concert.  We love you Dr. Hook!DSCN9313DSCN9320DSCN9324DSCN9327DSC 0157DSCN9326DSC 0159DSCN9333DSC 0153DSCN9332DSCN9337

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