Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sturges North 2011 & John Kay and Steppenwolf

The rain was something fierce with thunderstorms and lightening just before the John Kay and Steppenwolf concert.  More of a weir wolf night than a steppenwolf night.  Laura and I rode the motorcycle to the music grounds to find them packed despite the inclement weather.  The sky cleared to reveal a full moon.  John Kay and Steppenwolf came on stage and the crowd howled.  Laura swooned. "He's better looking now than when he was young. I had a crush on him back them, " she said in a throaty voice between numbers.  Some fat women were drunkenly dancing poorly in front of me. They were looking at each other taking pictures of themselves and intermittently blocking the view for all of us behind them.  The news said alot of outlaw biker gangs were in town.  They were obviously on good behaviour.  No one shot these silly fat girls and one skinny bitch.  The fact is the Sturges North biker crowds were alot more tolerant and behaved a whole lot better than Vancouver hockey crowds.
When John Kay belted out Magic Carpet Ride we all were on our feet.  The whole audience went wild when the band went from that right into "Born to be Wild'.  This was the song made famous by Easy Rider and still is the song that epitomizes the open highway motorcycle ride.  When they left the stage the crowd just kept on hollering and cheering. "Encore, encore!"  John Kay and Steppenwolf came back on.  They ended with another song of an era, "Goddam the Pusherman!" Laura and I rode back to Pierre's Point Campground under a full moon, wind in our face, "Born to be Wild" (at our age!) DSCN9414 DSCN9436DSCN9432DSCN9438

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