Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Sunshine

Waking with the sun, cat purring then growling for her breakfast, dog expectant, does circles when I crawl from bed, pull on sweats, he's bouncing, cat now standing by her bowl suspicious, I feed her, he's done more circle, open door, exit, his energy explodes down the dock, fresh air, it's so pretty in the sunshine, seagull calls overhead, mountains white capped, sound of city in the distance, Canada geese glide across the creek, water like oil, reflecting blue sky above.  Somewhere ahead I catch up with ecstatic dog, we walk carefully along the paths of the industrial shipyard, men arriving early, sounds of heavy machinery, power tools waking the morning, scents of industry, dog peeing on tall flower, somewhere he does his business.  I don't need to scoop.  Train passing ahead. Sounds louder as day older. We walk back, sun brighter, coffee calling, work ahead.  I don't have a bon mot or special saying for the day. I'll read my Bible and pray. I've already prayed on wakening, and again and again.  A prayer of protection.  Afraid. The gratitude coming through the aches and pain and fears and sorrows.  Thank you. Thank you.  The sunshine is a blessing. It's warmth was what I wanted beyond a shadow of doubt yet when it came I took it for granted, walked slouched shoulders, smiling a little at the antics of the dog and cat.  Spirits raised a little by the glory of clear sky.  Here it is, sunshine, warmth. What more can you want and when you have that will you not want more. Glory in the blessing of this day. Give thanks and celebrate the answer to prayers. Sunshine, warmth.  The rain and cold is gone this day.  Laugh , rejoice, give thanks.  Have another cup of coffee. Get with it. Rejoice. Give thanks. Celebrate. The sun shines down on all, even sinners and saints.  Be unto others as the sun to you.  Love and forgive your enemies.  Be honest, with your self as much as others.  The cat and dog have gone back to sleep.  Would you could.  Shower, shave, move along.  The sun is shining. It's what you asked. Celebrate. Thank you, Lord of Creation.

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Randy said...

I Loved your words today, spoken as only a true poet can.

Uplifting and greatful.