Saturday, July 2, 2011

Silva Bay, BC,Canada

It's a glorious Saturday in Silva Bay.  This morning we waved to Louis who was on his way to Ganges. He's preparing to go offshore this summer and his boat is really looking good.  He handles it well too.  I got the dinghy in the water wrong side up for the first time. It wasn't much to flip it but I really had thought I'd made every mistake possible on this boat only to be surprised by something as simple as getting the dinghy off the deck and into the water upright.  Getting the 4 hp Yamaha off the big boat and onto the little boat is quite a chore.  It was 20 years ago I handled a much heavier 15 hp engine.  Driving Laura and Gilbert a shore I missed the days of speed but not the weight of the the bigger outboard.  There's a lighter 2.5 hp that's looking better to me every year. .
IMG 1964We drove across the bay, Gilbert in his life jacket,eyeing all the other boats at anchor.  Then it was a little jaunt ashore. There's the pub, several artists galleries,  a grocery store, restaurant, liquor store, showers.  The fuel dock is also where the float planes tie up.  We walked up to the Catholic church which I remember was being used by the Anglicans in the past.  I don't know where they're located.  Laura found some lovely earrings  and camosales at the gallery across the way.  Gilbert met the dog of the owner, a six year old black fellow with white on his face.  Gilbert loved peeing on every tree and being on land and actually meeting an 'island' dog.  We enjoyed the sunshine and pine and spruce with the great island smells.  Then it was back to the boat.  After all that excitement, time to read and rest.  Laura is up on deck in the sunshine with Gilbert while I've chosen the cool of the salon.  All around there's boat sounds and laughter.   IMG 1966IMG 1961IMG 1965DSCN9248DSCN9258DSCN9259DSCN9250DSCN9244DSCN9249DSCN9255DSCN9252DSCN9254DSCN9241DSCN9243

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