Sunday, July 10, 2011

Okanagan Lake Provincial Campground Day 2

In the middle of the night Gilbert barked and I woke up to loud Shambala drum music and country western singing. I didn't blame Gilbert for barking.  Laura was woken and muttering about drunks. I was looking for pants and a flashlight. Gilbert and I made it outside. That's when Aliens appeared hovering over the campsite and whisked away the individual  who had made this 3 am "noise'. He was suitably anally  probed and had medical experiments done on him so he  will be unable to breed.  Perhaps the park patrol who has a trailer on site had something to do with it too. The music stopped and didn't resume. Gilbert and I had a pee.  Laura stopped muttering about drunks and hooligans and went back to sleep.
In the morning, Gilbert licked my face to let me know it was an hour past our normal 'walk time'. Just in case I'd forgotten.  We hiked together down the trail to the dog beach.  Lovely Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine and Cottonwoods along the way. I know because the nature signs said so.  Gilbert was ecstatic romping about without a leash at the dog beach.  When I threw wood into the cold water he said fetch.  Neither of us was much into that game so instead we climbed the ravine.  I meditated on a park bench for a bit. The view of the lake and surroundings was spectacular.  I even jogged some.  Amazing the ideas that one gets on holidays.
Back at the trailer Laura was up and had coffee made.  I collapsed in a lawn chair.  Since then I've read. Laura made egg and bacon sandwiches.  I actually got it into my head to go swimming. The water was really cold. "You're back really soon," said Laura. I had a hot shower in the RV and washed nature out of my hair with a suitable soap and conditioner.
I didn't like the sound of the neighbours.  A couple actually were shouting at each other for a trailer trash moment.  But mostly it was other people's kids.  One little princess wailed for an hour or two.  I'm sure she was saying, "I don't want to tent. If you're not going to put me up in a 5 star hotel in Hollywood I'd rather be home."  The neighbour's dog barks too. Gilbert can't understand why we discipline him so he's the nicest dog in the neighbourhood while this mutt attached to an obvious pot smoker was allowed to mouth off about being tied up and not allowed to attack the birds.
The birds were my buddies. I really like them.  Their voices are sweet.  I imagine them saying, "Look at those idiot humans. Remember when we were like them.."  "Yes now we have wings and voices like flutes.  We're better looking too. Listen to that awful baby and that obnoxious dog." I like the marmots and the chipmunks too. I can watch all this from the lawn chair.  Beats the office view.
The neighbours across the way are a lot better sort of neighbour than the ones nearest me. I think that neighbours improve the further away they are.  The kid beside me had a high pitched scream that did something to it's brain.  At a certain pitch the brain splattered all over their campsite. The birds thought this was a great idea too.  They only eat seeds and bugs until better alternatives appear. DSC 0149
DSC 0148I took pictures and ate some cheese and crackers.  I'm really enjoying reading "Never Surrender - A solider's journey to the crossroads of faith and freedom" by LTG William G. Boykin, former commander of army special forces and founding member of Delta Force.
It's sunny. There's blue sky. The green around here is spectacular. The lake views are terrific.  I've tried my best to think like a CBC correspondent. The most I can criticize is one  idiot, a trailer trash couple,  one child and one dog out of hundreds in my immediate neighbourhood   I'm not even sure I could get myself worked up for a road rage moment. I think I'll take my motorcycle out for a cruise later.  Holidays are really affecting DSC 0110 my equilibrium.  It's so peaceful here I can understand why people go to war.
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