Friday, December 18, 2009


Friday evening. It's the end of a long day. The government cuts to mental health are showing in the office already. People who once would have seen a counsellor or service are now going to their family physicians and specialists. The low cost alternatives have been cut so that emergency rooms and private offices are faced with greater line ups. I could be book years in advance as others are but am running as much of an emergency department as so many other specialists. There's just no resources. The economics of the marginalized is that they can't afford psychotherapy. They can't afford to be in all that is now privatized and what was once keeping them out of the emergencies, doctors and specialists offices.
There's no demand by doctors and nurses for this crisis. The waitlists are attrocious. And of course, as the research on these types of waitlists show, mostly the mentally ill and those with addiction are the losers. So now we hear talk of Euthanasia.
Eugenics on the horizon as private security forces increase to army sizes. It's frightening but we must have faith. There will be hope. Maybe after the parties die down the short term cost savings will face the long term deficits. Beds opening in asylums again. Streets being cleared after Picton Trials and whatever else. There must be some serious thought being given to this somewhere. People like me and too many others are little boys with fingers in a collapsing damn asking how much longer and when will we be paid for this. Cherry picking everywhere and the people coming through the door older, poorer, sicker and some more "beautiful people with more beautiful problems". The rewards of better life and longer life brought on by success create their own new set of challenges.
Where once a young patient was on no other medication today the patient comes in with multiple medications and disabilities. It's an aging population. We are living longer. Be thankful. Its Friday and I know Monday I'll be fresh again to face the week of sadness, pain and anxiety. But Fridays I always feel that someone isn't listening to the cries in the streets.
Or if they are like me they have no miracles and must ask God the meaning of suffering. Why do we have the means to imagine peace but can't seem to get people to live it? How come we can imagine paradise but not find it? Or worse envision health and near immortality but struggle with depression and anxiety.
It's Friday. I'm thankful for the work. But were there cure today I'd take another job for sure. I pray for wellness and joy for all who now struggle day to day in these tough uncaring time. And I pray that I have done good, brought light in darkness, reduced the suffering and lessened the fear. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I do hope I am still convincing. Live. Life. Live life and prosper.
TGIF, thank God it's Friday. Tomorrow is another day. Hooray.

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