Wednesday, December 16, 2009

British Columbia Wild Salmon

I've caught these often on the hook trolling in the ocean. Barkley Sound and off Campbell River were favourite fishing trips. However, if you don't want to use a hook, you can, as I did, go to the Lonsdale Quay Market. The Salmon Shop is located there.
These delightful people gave me a marvellous fillet of fresh red salmon.

Around the corner at Cobs bread I picked up utterly marvellous fresh baked dinner buns. At Kim's Farm Market I found superb vegetables, lemons and limes and those little red potatoes. I had butter and sour cream and salt and pepper at home.

In the sink I found a frying pan I'd washed. I held it up to the light to make sure it was clean. I find that what I think is clean when I'm doing dishes should be inspected again before actually using them to eat from. Similiarly I inspected the knives and fork and plate.

The Salmon came with a "skin" on one side. I put a gollop of butter in the pan, heated that up till it was melting and then swished this around the bottom of the pan. I put the salmon skin down in the pan. On the top side I sprinkled salt and pepper. Then I put a lid on that and left it for a while checking to see when the red meat began to change colour and the fish began to open up at the seams indicating it was ready.

I had the potatoes boiling along side and these could take a fork through the centre easily , falling apart when I scooped them with a holy spoon onto the plate. Then I put the sour cream and a gollop of butter on top of the potatoes and put the wild salmon on the plate with a spatula. I spilled the butter from the pan onto the salmon. I forgot to squeeze lemon on the fish.

The cat who won't eat salmon from the can insisted on having some of this salmon and at at least as thumb end of salmon. Meanwhile I was feeling like a proverbial grizzly bear eating the salmon with great glee. The fresh potatoes were good too. Normally I'd cook rice but I had the little potatoes and the rice pot with it's intrinsic timer is stowed. The pot for boiling potatoes lives on the stove with the frying pan.

I had a great meal. The cat had a great meal. I love Lonsdale Market. I love BC Wild Salmon. It's only better if you catch it yourself. Now there's a thousand recipes , I especially like using dill, but really when it's fresh as this was and it's the end of 10 hour day at the office, well, nothing is quicker and better and healthy as a meal that takes 20 minutes to prepare and lingers in ones memory for a day after.

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