Saturday, December 19, 2009

Colin Waring

Colin Waring was my friend. Together we attended Strathcona Men's AA and Christ Church Cathedral. I loved his smile. I loved his stories of childhood in India. We both had lived in England and Toronto and shared reminiscences. He loved his family and spoke so fondly of them. I was priviledged to meet his remarkable sister.
When a staff person left my office without notice, I asked Colin if he'd help phone people to remind them of appointments. He was always more than willing to help. When he came dressed impeccably as ever, he not only phoned patients once but several times. I learned this from the pleasantly pleased patients who all told me how much they enjoyed talking with Colin, on the phone and at the office.. I told Colin however he needn't more than once. He replied, " Sometimes these days, I like to be reminded more often myself " The patients loved him. He brought a spirit of hope and good will whereever he went. I am thankful to have known such a good friend. I'll truly miss his smiles and laughter.
Dean Peter Elliot and Dr. Ellen Clark-King presided over the ceremony. Asked for reflections, one after another, those there spoke highly of their time together with Colin. All talked of his inspiration and gratitude. Rupert Lang, Organist and Director of Music, with Members of the Cathedral Choir sang. It was so fitting given how much Colin loved Symphony and so appreciated the Cathedral choral music.

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