Saturday, December 12, 2009


"Shipshape' is a term we use for orderly, tidy, clean, stowed. It's a process to make a boat that. I' ve had another day of cleaning and stowing and getting rid of excess. Another load of stuff 'trundled' ashore. It's now things like the VCR. I'm just not going to use it and it takes up too much room. The DVD player is more compact. I loved the wock but the one large stainless steal frying pan is sufficient. The V Berth is really a whole lot better organized. Those plastic clothes almost freezer bag things that you can suck the air out of really work. Some clothes I want for special occasions, a couple of good sweaters, really reduce bulk in those contraptions I bought for next to nothing at London Drugs.

I actually cleaned the head. Down on my hands and knees spraying with Mr Clean and wiping. I did the same in the Galley. I took the dustbuster to the floor but actually got down on my knees with the oil soap and cleaned most of it. Normally I'd do this weekly but with the move and getting the stowage and heat and fixing bilge pumps the day to day tasks got back burnered. What I really need is a week at sea. Nothing like cruising to get the boat 'shipshape'.

The hoses for water froze so I had to haul water for the tank. Maybe tomorrow at noon it will be warm enough to get more water on board. My 50 gal tank seemed to do me well for a week with quick showers.

I made a great venison ratatouille last night and had the left over this afternoon. Actually fried up eggs on toast for breakfast with coffee. It's getting downright civilized as the boat gets ready to do some time in the islands. I look around and it's mostly superficial clutter that could be easily stowed getting away. It's a good rule to have a sailboat an hour away from taking off at any time. I'm almost there. Coastal cruising for sure. An offshore expedition might take a few days at least to be ready. Not that I've any plans for anything more than Nanaimo, Saltspring, Texada or Victoria. It's just a 'feeling' that goes with having an offshore sailing vessel. It's living the dream. Knowing you have the means to go any where in the world under your own power. And being ready for it. Having a shipshape boat is a good feeling.

That said, there's a whole other layer of having the bins organized. I'm looking at a mess of books. They're in the cupboard but still a mess. That's the sort of thing that gets tidied up cruising. I did find the ocean fishing tackle and got the rods and reels sorted too. Fishing will be fun too.

Even had the radio playing but couldn't find CBC and the rock and roll channels were just too 'noisy' with all the chatter. I'll be glad when I get a marine electrician here to sort out the little electrical wiring issues of what'sdirect and what goes through the inverter. I'll be glad then to have the stereo hooked up. I love listening to classical music on the boat at rest. When it's running nothing like bagpipe music of the Simon Frazer Band to match the momentum.

Enjoying the quiet of the boat now.. Angel doesn't 'sleep in'. She wants to be fed at 7 am every day and lets me know that regardless. It's a struggle to sleep in with her 'cat terrorism'. Still, sleeping in wouldn't be such a joy were it not for the pleasure of work and the priviledge of work, it's routine and regularity. Weekend enjoyment is greatest for the contrast.

I think the adage holds, if you want to get something done , give it to a busy man. Getting this boat shipshape has really progressed possibly because I have so little time. Jobs tend to fill the time available. The progress on the 'great Canadian novel' faltered however. And I've not got up skiing yet.

That's the trouble with this glorious city of Vancouver and British Columbia in general. There's just too much possible to do and too little time. Walking on the beaches, Stanly Park, the Aquarium, getting out to the swimming pool, hiking, going up to Bloedel Conservatory, getting to the gardens all lit up for Christmas.

Focussing on boating I have to forego all the other great things this city and province has to offer. I'm thankful for getting my boat shipshape. It's a good feeling. I don't want to think about climbing the mast and fixing the weater vane and wind indicator though.


Synchronicity Radio said...

The Vancouver Park Board plans to close Bloedel Conservatory in March, 2010, right after the Olympics.

haykind said...

That's a sacriledge. Bloedel Conservatory is one of the greatest Vancouver attractions. When I was a child I loved walking through conservatories in winter believing summer would return and having a taste of the tropics. As an adult Bloedel is one of my favourite romantic sites. Is this a precurser to them taking the whole park and putting up high rises and parking lots. Such a shame. Bloedel is so remarkable.