Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anne Smith's Journal

Anne Smith's Journal 1933-1939 A.A.'s Principles of Success by Dick B. Paradise Research Publications Inc. Kihei, HI, 1992, 1994, 1998 - Anne Ripley Smith, Wife of AA co-founder, Dr. Bob, a 'founder" of A.A. and the "Mother of A.A." said "An understanding of the Cross and its meaning for life is absolutely essential. The best popular interpretation I know is, "If I be Lifted Up", Shoemaker. It is a group of lenten sermons. Christ ought to be as real to us as our nearest and best friend."

"One should by all means read at least one book on the life of Christ a year for a while. More would be better."

"A maximum experience of Jesus Christ leads to a radical change in personal life, bringing about a selfless relationship to people about one, which is a challenge to those we come in contact with."

"A general experience of God is the first essential, the beginning. We can't give away what we haven't got. We must have a genuine contact with God in our present experience. No an experience of the past, but an experience in the present - actual, genuine. When we have that witnessing to it is natural, just as we want to share a beautiful sunset. We must be in such close touch with God that the whole sharing is guided. The person with a genuine experience of God and with no technique will make fewer mistakes than one with lots of technique and no sense of God."

Anne Smith's Journal is a great spiritual text and Dick B. has written a profoundly inspiring book that speaks to the essence of AA and explains the 75% success rate for recovery which AA had from the early years.

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